So we have a bird feeder in my back yard and it got me thinking about Qud. Imagine the experience of a bird watching us from the feeder. We're gigantic, our plumage comes in insane unnatural colors, we make tons of noise barking at each other and stomping around, we have delicious seeds from unknown plants, we have infinite seeds, we sometimes leave behind seeds at random times, we make light come at night. If a bird were to attack us we'd either run away (as if a chickadee could hurt us, really) or we'd take out a weapon of such insane destructive power a bird couldn't possibly understand.

I think Qud needs some aliens. Not necessarily aliens like from another world, but creatures utterly unknowable that exist as a kind of force of nature. Generally harmless if not interacted with, often absurdly overwhelmingly violent, very rarely helpful. Thematically I think they'd fit right in.