Welcome to Caves of Qud! It's not your everyday far-future, post-apocalyptic roguelike. Here are the important links:

Caves of Qud - the game executable itself.
.NET 2.0 - the .NET 2.0 redistributable in case you need it
CoQ version history - whenever bbucklew posts a new build he posts the patch notes here
Caves of Qud Reference Guide - a reference guide written by beta tester kilmarath

Please post any bugs you find in the Bug Reports forum (just use one of the existing posts as a template). This is the best way to help us get bugs fixed; we may not log bugs posted elsewhere. One important note: when you receive an error in game, its text is automatically copied to the clipboard. So when you post the bug, just ctrl+v to paste the bug text into your post.

Please give us as much feedback as you can. We appreciate all of it. Also please note that while there's a ton of functionality in the game at the moment, there are also countless bugs and issues, several quest lines have yet to be implemented, descriptions are missing, mutations are a work in progress, etc. We're some ways off from our final vision of the game, but we're on track and hopefully you'll help us get there. Anyway, most importantly, have fun!

Caves of Qud ZIP - In ZIP form if you'd prefer not to use an installer.