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Thread: Sproggiwood Build Notes

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Added building ability management
    *Added ability mockouts for all buildings
    *Added cave swamp tile
    *Modified static curtain loading image to seamlessly transition to the animation
    *Tidy'd up town shadows
    *Added resource gathering floating text
    *Fixed all the weirdness with shadows not being right when moving buildings around
    *Fixed some screen transition bugs
    *Dungeon Populated: Ensi Zenith
    *Added Vampire level-up abilities
    *Added new radial menu graphics
    *Added mockup world map
    *Changed archer true strike to magic arrow
    *Fixed roll acting like it had the level 10 Improved Roll
    *Fixed being able to rapidly tap to use shoot arrow multiple times
    *Fixed an issue with big ick's lair
    *Tons of polish

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Added a buy item confirmation dialog in the shop
    *Added the river
    *Updated main menu
    *Made town screen default zoom a little closer
    *Made town screen smoothly zoomable by pinch or mousewheel
    *Fixed shop panel scrolling speed
    *Fixed being able to buy items you don't have the resources for
    *Fixed swamp load failing
    *Fixed item shop alignment issues
    *Performance improvements

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Added zoom gesture support to the dungeon view
    *Clamped the camera to the town tiles
    *Added new icons for iOS build
    *Spread the system menu buttons out a bit more
    *F12 now opens the console in adventure mode
    *Furthers improved town FPS and load time
    *Removed green leaves in leaf piles
    *Fixed the starting location of the bridge
    *Fixed bridge positioning
    *Fixed some UI elements being left on-screen during transitions
    *Fixed an issue with particles appearing
    *Fixed river's z-order
    *Fixed the main menu button text to scale better to different resolution screen

    *Fixed a really insiduous resource management bug, fixing most of the recent stability issues
    *Fixed particle caching between scenes

    *Winning hard will now award an item that is usable by your current class
    *Swapped itween for leantween for a big performance boost
    *Changed animations to pre-load at startup, eliminating many frame-rate hitches in adventure mode
    *Fixed animation flickering
    *Fixed spurious left-over loading status text
    *Fixed star size on world map
    *Fixed label position on world map
    *Fixed moves sometimes double-triggering on tap.
    *Fixed cards punch-scaling when clicked
    *Fixed arrow glow incorrectly scaling on tap
    *Fixed arrows starting glowy

    *New terrain mesh in town for huge performance boost
    *Fixed resolution of map icons
    *Updated to latest Prime31 plugins

    *Added look framework to adventure mode
    *Added world map stars
    *Added hills tower graphics
    *Updated river appearance
    *Updated brige appearance
    *Updated leaf appearance
    *Updated a bunch of small visuals
    *Fixed some bugs in building upgrades
    *Fixed exit door layering
    *Performance improvents
    *Known issue: Dragging buildings around over the river can put the UI in a bad state
    *Known issue: Sprite animations are flickering slightly

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Added a bunch of leaves to the council chambers
    *Added first pass behavior for the Sapius fights
    *Added warrior cleave animation and sound
    *Added farmer leaf cut animation
    *Added vampire bite animation and sound
    *Added warrior shove animation and sound
    *Added and changed sounds for several abilities
    *Added all new ability icons
    *Added new behavior to Sapius
    *Removed the info button, made item cards flip with any click
    *Updated the hills tile set
    *Updated the swamp tile set
    *Changed default walk animation to include the weapon
    *Changed charging monsters to no-longer be suppressed by a player moving adjacent when they are triggered (red)
    *Changed goat boss to attempt to setup a charge when initially spotted
    *Changed tree boss to knock player through piles of leaves when pushing the player around
    *Changed all the icons to default to their lighter versions
    *Fixed magic missle and frost ring not costing an action
    *Fixed charge allowing a free attack when adjacent to an enemy
    *Fixed scout activating every creature in the dungeon
    *Fixed occassional issues with boss level loading
    *Fixed fleeing monsters wasting their turn moving into walls
    *Fixed a seam between in the river and the bend
    *Fixed charging monsters attempting to charge through unwalkable squares
    *Fixed goats charging through walls

    *Goaturku redesign
    -New blue slimes
    -Goat cheese now heals a health for the player or adds a health for a monster
    -Reduced the amount of goat cheese
    -Normalized monster population
    *Monsters no longer typically drop ore or logs
    *Jars and Leaves now drop logs and ore
    *Added visual effects for Hide in Shadows, Scout, Teleport, Cornucopia
    *Monsters now sometimes drop health
    *Added Rumakko to The Bloated Grotto
    *Added Mr. Creepy to Hakkipunki
    *Added Ignis Vampyris to Ignis Caverna
    *Added Sapius to the various hill maps
    *Added a stand-in boss to the final map
    *Added archer roll animation
    *Added the whole sequence of main-line quests
    *Added 'win' console command
    *Added 'tutstage' console command
    *Changed big blue and yellow slimes to now spawn matching color small slimes
    *Fixed charging creatures being invisible when charging from invisible squares
    *Fixed jars not generating properly in all dungeons
    *Fixed roads not laying
    *Fixed big tree boss level not loading
    *Changed difficulty verbiage to Normal and Savage
    *Fixed an improper delay before showing the town loading curtain
    *Improved cross-scene memory curve

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Added spiders and web jars to spider boss level
    *Added a smoke effect to chameleon cloak
    *Added web destruction to all flame effects
    *Added overlay (frozen ice, etc) scaling for larger creatures
    *Added an icon to indicate if a monster will deal 1/2 or 1 heart of damage
    *Changed entrance requirements for savage dungeons to require the dungeon first be beat on normal with a class
    *Changed the boss death sequence to clear all remaining enemies from a level when the boss dies
    *Changed roll to automatically select shoot arrow after a roll is complete
    *Changed the look dialog text to a larger font size
    *Changed Flee exit to appear in any of the 8 adjacent tiles, at random
    *Changed Frosty Cone scroll to Frost Ring scroll
    *Changed Ethereal Mantle to also proc from teleport scrolls
    *Fixed buildings being permanently destroyed if you closed the app while moving them
    *Fixed hidden sometimes not properly applying it's damage bonus
    *Fixed frogs being able to drag the frog boss
    *Fixed look not positioning the dialog correctly depending on screen resolution
    *Fixed villagers pathing over the river
    *Fixed webbed jars being visible through fog of war

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *New town screen design
    *New chat screen design
    *New storage screen
    *New farmer power, fork-hook, replacing double-poke
    *New farmer power pumpkin bomb, replacing pumpkin throw
    *New farmer power scarecrow, replacing weed whack
    *New monster in Ickyolo: Spider nest
    *Changed freezing weapons to freeze 100% of the time for 1 turn against unfrozen targets
    *Changed tutorial sequence
    *Changed bite to 0 stamina
    *Changed magic missle to 0 stamina
    *Changed shoot arrow cost to 0 stamina
    *Changed juke cost to 0 stamina
    *Changed cleave to a 0-stamina activated ability
    *Changed to using vendorID from adID for GameAnalytics
    *Added JB's iPhone 4 to the provisioning profile
    *Added a visual effect to appearing goats
    *Added compass style options
    *Removed a bunch of legacy views
    *Upgraded to new version of GameAnalytics
    *Updated world map visuals
    *Improved text clipping
    *Fixed charging creatures being primed by invisible characters
    *Fixed black slimes not taking damage
    *Fixed an issue with incorrectly terminating iTween scaling during rapid re-tweening
    *Fixed an issue with incorrectly scaled screen sizes for various aspect ratios
    *Fixed an issue with the curtain and opening text overlapping
    *Fixed looking glass behavior across all aspect ratios

    *Added device IDs for R.D.
    *Changed to gameanalytics for data collection

    *Added achivements
    *Added council meeting cutscene
    *Added an advance button to the chat dialog
    *Added slot machine behavior and payouts except for decorations
    *Added looking-glass tutorial
    *Changed quest complete dialog wording
    *Fixed issues with last-frame animation
    *Fixed tutorial issues
    *Fixed basic melee description

    *Added Ickyolo quest
    *Changed wording on Abilities screens to Powers
    *Changed Whack Weeds to Weed Whack
    *Changed "2x Resources Collected" to "2x Gold Collected"
    *Fixed dungeon complete text alignments
    *Fixed farm quest text
    *Fixed farm quest award
    *Fixed dungeon complete text label when winning
    *Fixed all classes being unlocked
    *Fixed stars not always matching the selected dungeon
    *Fixed dungeon achivement clipping
    *Fixed cleave hitting monsters spawning from dying creatures
    *Fixed building power scrolling limits
    *Fixed Ickyolo quest dialog
    *Fixed tutorial chest loot particles

    *Complete redesign of class leveling and town mechanics
    -Class abilities and upgrades are now purcased al a carte at each respective building
    -You can now buy random class-specific items at each class building
    -Removed ore, lumber, plank & ingot resources
    -Removed most building radial menus
    -Merged the shop and build screens into a single shop with consumables, decorations and IAP
    -Changed the reward from first-time dungeon wins from tokens and items to jewels
    -Added a slot machine to the trader to gamble gold for items and resource rewards
    *Added a try again button on the end-dungeon dialog when you lose
    *Added new music to the swamps
    *Added theme music for Sproggi's first apperance
    *Added mousewheel support to various shop panels
    *Added first-pass of recolor for Goaturku and Big Tree
    *Added ice stair image to glacier
    *Added a lightning arrow effect
    *Changed lightning arrow to be more attracted to monsters in its path
    *Changed creatures to not loot lumber
    *Changed leaves to loot lumber only
    *Changed red slime behavior from exploding instantly to exploding with a 1-turn delay after death
    *Changed Big Ick's death sequence to be much faster
    *Changed mushroom to only spawn out of big ick the first death
    *Changed text border and text shadow fade to exponential curve
    *Changed red slime bombs to no-longer be combat objects, and always go off right before the player's turn
    *Reduced town throught frequency
    *Removed class leveling tokens
    *Removed ore, planks & ingots
    *Removed town resource nodes
    *Removed combat icons from the sheep
    *Fixed tier 2 armor not being randomly awarded
    *Fixed archer ability icons
    *Fixed the tutorial not finding the wait button properly
    *Fixed curtain scaling to support non-4:3 aspect ratio resolutions
    *Fixed several cases of unnecessary memory overhead
    *Fixed a spurious dialog triggered by building the forge
    *Fixed building view scroll being sticky between buildings
    *Fixed the top bar of screens not extending all the way across on non-4:3 aspect ratio resolutions
    *Fixed iap tiles leaving their background images on the screen during transitions
    *Fixed an issue with edge tiles on the hill maps
    *Fixed an issue with swamp water edges
    *Fixed an issue with local z scale for delayed animations being erroneously set to 0
    *Fixed background widths on non-4:3 displays
    *Fixed hearts flipping orientations with walking actors

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Updated interface for all targeted abilities to be compass/direction key driven, streamlining gameplay a lot!
    *Changed chat screen text color
    *Changed looking glass tutorial
    *Changed consumable tutorial
    *Changed flaming to proc off all 0-stamina attacks. Non-melee attacks flame in a random direction. Juke now flames as per old fire star dirk.
    *Updated hook and scarecrow farmer skill icons
    *Improved the legality of the hook sound effect
    *Fixed class order on shop screens
    *Fixed icon alignment on skill screen
    *Fixed second slime in the wait tutorial just chilling
    *Fixed hourglass remaining visible during outro fade
    *Fixed small bug in world map tutorial sequence

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Added purchasable equipment, unlocked via dungeon achivements
    *Added goat's milk consumable award to Goaturku
    *Added additional tutorial sequences
    *Reduced the cost of all class abilities to 100g
    *Fixed buildings not properly unlocking
    *Fixed GA not reporting on iOS devices?
    *Fixed text clipping on dungeon complete screen
    *Fixed hook line sometimes targeting the wrong cell
    *Fixed wait not working in the tutorial

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    3-5-14 Beta 2
    *Reduced number of spider spawners to 4 in ickyolo
    *Changed chat to advance only when clicking the advance arrow
    *Added fireflare armor unlock to goaturku easy
    *Added a new consumable tutorial
    *Added support for collidable animations
    *Fixed several tutorial buggs
    *Fixed double the proper amount of jewels being given out for first-time dungeon wins

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    Apr 2010
    Out in the middle.
    *Fixed a bug causing adventure mode UI to not appear!

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