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Thread: Tiles Look Good

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    Tiles Look Good

    I pretty much never say that.

    I've been playing Qud for years at this point so I'll be sticking to ascii, but great job with the look of the Qud tiles. I don't have a steam beta key, but looking at the videos was enough to get a feel for their design.

    Really, excellent job on the tiles. They're so much easier to visually parse than most official tilesets.

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    New player of Qud, but been playing roguelikes since '97 with Tiles, and I agree, Caves of Qud tiles are excellent. Qud is one of my favorite games now and now on top of my list for roguelikes beating my former top 1 DCSS.

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    Oh, man, hands down, my favorite Roguelike tileset ever. It's super evocative for being so simple. I wouldn't change a thing about it, other than the stuff that the devs keep adding.

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    I completely agree. Everything looks amazing. I hope they keep up the great work.

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    The look of the tiles was a big part of what got me to buy CoQ last week. I'm a huge fan of any "modernised retro" art style that a lot of indies do (like how Hyper Light Drifter, for instance, looks so much like the C64 games I used to play as a kid, only with the larger colour palette and lighting effects that moderns graphics are capable of). CoQ's "It evokes ASCII but isn't" look is so great.

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