I am trying to learn more about the syntax of the Wish command, particularly in how to obtain multiples of common items such as ammunition.

I know that if you press Ctrl-W and then type "lead slug" you get one. If you type "lead slugs" you get what seems like 1d4+1. Typing "lead slug:100" or "lead slugs:100" does not get you any extra of the items - just the 1 or 1d4+1 that the previous command gave.

Since there does not appear to be any way to copy/paste "lead slugs", is there a way to obtain larger quantities of stackable ammo types? I do know that truncating the Wish to "lead" gets you a Bear for some reason.

EDIT : I note that I cannot type "Wish" in the thread tags field as it is too common. Is this expected?