I've noticed an issue. I turned off permadeath for my true-kin praetorian character because I wanted to just explore without having to worry all the time. I've noticed a bug/issue; if I save, trade, then reload that save the trader has the items they had after I'd finished trading with them, whereas I have the equipment I had prior to trading with them. Due to an unfortunate crash following my purchasing of the Corpus Choliys (which I sought after a sower's seed sent me tumbling down Golgotha to meet Slog) I now have no means to accessing the Corpus Choliys to cure my Glotrot. Nuntu now instead is selling a copy of the golden nugget I traded him for the book before my crash and reload.

I am unaware if Precognition presents the same issue, but I suspect it might. I would recommend fixing this since it is exploitable, allowing a player to endlessly replicate items using traders, and if they ever get to the point where they can sell an item to a trader for more than the trader would charge for it (although this would require a huge Ego score) a player could rob each trader for every dram they've got for nothing.