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Thread: Feature suggestions

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    Feature suggestions


    Thanks for the awesome game!

    I have a some feature suggestions:

    Borderless windowed full-screen option

    This would be useful when alt-tabbing to another monitor while still keeping the game visible.

    Skip unity launcher

    I don't know if this is wise, but maybe with some command line options I could skip the screen and get right into the game.


    "Walk" would be more useful if it stopped more often at corners or certain events. Right now I'm never using it because it usually just walks me to the end of the map.

    Also, if walk was to be improved, perhaps it could be used with shift-numpad controls.


    Auto-explore seems to be focused on covering the map, not about "exploring" it.
    I think it stops on encountering monsters, but not when finding loot.

    Here's an example:

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    Is there particular reason it's not in proper, suggestions subforum but in general discussion?

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    Sorry, I totally missed the subforums here

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