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Thread: Favourite character builds

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    Favourite character builds

    Here's a thread to post your favourite character builds. I'll start with the build I'm currently using:

    Mutated human

    ST: 15
    AG: 20 (18+2)
    TO: 17
    IN: 17
    WI: 15
    EG: 20

    [ Mutations ]

    Unstable Genome (4)
    Force wall
    Narcolepsy (D)

    Fun with lots of unstable genomes! The build is quite weak initially, but scales nicely. As I level up, I put all or most of my stat increases on Ego, buying new mutations whenever I can whilst waiting for the unstable genome to tick in.

    Stat- and skill-wise, the high Agility makes for a pretty good fighter with short blades and firearms. Get the Shank skill as early as possible, which would be level 6. You'll be able to get Tinkering at level 12 at the latest. (If Tinkering isn't so important, you can lower Intelligence and give some other stat a boost.)

    Narcolepsy: If you want Esper in addition to 4 Unstable Genomes, and still have 3 points for a useful mutation, you have to take Narcolepsy as your defect. In my opinion, it's actually not so bad; it's only directly killed me once. Falling asleep during battle occurs rarely, and all it means is that your enemy gets one free hit, which usually isn't a big deal. Another caste that fits well with a narcoleptic esper, is Apostle, since your follower will at least partly offset the negative effects of Narcolepsy.

    Force Wall: There are several feasible starting mutations. I choose Force Field because it's a great defense _and_ weapon from the very first fights and through the entire game. Even though you start out a little squishy at level 1, you can already take down baddies like salthoppers, using a force field and bow and arrows. Buy a firearm as soon as you can, though! Even a musket in Red Rock can be a life saver at times.

    It's also feasible to forego of Esper, which leaves you with an extra mutation point and a wider range of defects/mutations to choose from. This particular build benefits from a focus on mental mutations, though. As you level up, you should avoid getting too many physical mutations that you must spend points to improve later on. Rely instead on a high Ego and as many mental mutations as possible.

    I had a really formiddable run with Helping hands, multiwielding short blades. Things got weird when I found a carbide wristblade and some polymorphic gel. Suddenly I was septuple-wielding flaming carbide daggers, instakilling cragmensch and the like. It could happen to anyone, I guess.

    As always,

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    Heyo Minotauros

    I've had great success with the following two builds

    Mutated human
    Nomad +2 TOUGH
    (Considering replacing with Marauder or Warden)

    ST: 18
    AG: 18
    TO: 24+2= 26
    IN: 16
    WI: 10 (or whatever the min is)
    EG: 10

    [ Mutations ]

    Chimera (1)
    Carapace (4)
    Multiple Arms (4)
    Multiple Legs (5)
    Multiple Heads (2)


    Double Muscled (4)
    Unstable Genome(3)

    Amphibious (D) -4

    The 26 starting toughness makes you very, very strong hp wise, and you can focus on maxing AC. Pick up either Axes or Sword skills, and max Carpace as you get mutation points. If you got Double muscled, you can either go for 3 points, or 9. If you go for 3 or didnt take Double, just manifest new mutations.
    Stat- and skill-wise, you're a very strong tank with constantly higher AC. The second face gives opportunity for more +Ego, or heat resist, and gives you a tiny bit of DV. The arms are great, as you can get reinforced compass bracelets on them, and you can wear a shield on them. With the new Fungi, you can also get +3 AC per hand later on, which is pretty good.
    I also got helping hands, really early on actually from my first Snapjaw, but that's the dream item lategame for an extra 8 AC.
    Ultimately, you should have Carpace giving 8 AC, 5 hands with fungi for 15 AC, 5 reinforced bracelets for 5 AC, a buckler for 2(or Stopsv 3)*.75 AC, and either a meltametal axe or Ceremonial Vibrokopesh on the last hand remaining.
    8+15+5+1.5(2.25) + 3 (armlet) + 3 (thrown fungi) +3 (boots) +1 (skill) = 39.5(40.25) total AC.
    Then you go punch Krakens and Oob to death.
    Do note, Robots should be befriended, cause rockets still murder you pretty easily.

    I like to eventually pick up the flurry skill, but the first few points should go into axes -> cleave and dismember or swords, then into toughness-> extra AV and resistances. Afterwards, you can pick up the block skill for the stun chance and extra AV.

    Mutated human
    Apostle +2 EGO

    ST: 10
    AG: 10
    TO: 24
    IN: 10
    WI: 14 (or whatever the min is)
    EG: 24+2=26

    [ Mutations ]

    Esper (1)
    Light Manip(4)
    Beguiling (3)
    Precog (4)
    Domination (4)
    Ego Projection/Clairvoyance
    Narcolepsy (D) -4

    The 24 starting toughness makes you very, very strong hp wise, and you can focus on maxing AC. You're an Esper though, so you should be letting your Persuaded Watervine Merchant murder most things for you. Remember to dominate things to level them up, and keep an eye on Beguiling: Once you've gotten to level 45 or higher (or 50, can't remember), you can pick up a Salt Kraken to accompany you and murder things.
    Stat- and skill-wise, you're a very strong tank with constantly higher AC. Something to consider would be not taking Esper and going for two faces for more +Ego, but whatever. Light Manip helps out early game, which is the only part of the game you need help with. Focus on keeping your watervine merchant alive: he can get p strong and help out with things like dismembering late game if he levels up a few times.
    Mutate every 4 levels, but use precog to make sure you get an option you like. if you dont, mutate the next time you level up, rinse and repeat. You want to pick up: the Temporal Fugue, mass mind, force wall or bubble, clairvoyance, domination, Teleportation. Sunder mind isn't worth it IMO, you always run the risk of it reflecting back to you, and killing things fast early isn't really needed.
    Equip the +1 ego helmet, when you get dismember on your merchant find a nice face to equip too.
    Your lategame is your kraken murdering things for you. You can feed it skill points using the broken computers, and have it pick up the blunt skill for extra face smashing. You can also equip rocket launchers and create clones, but that's slightly risky.
    Lategame you p much have all the mutations and stuff. 5 second cd on everything, too.
    Do note, Robots should be befriended, cause rockets still murder you pretty easily.

    Go for the Ego follower skill, consider merchant skill, then Toughness -> Extra AV into some ranged skill.

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    hey Gravesender how does the fungus infection giving +3ac per hand work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarantoga View Post
    hey Gravesender how does the fungus infection giving +3ac per hand work?
    After killing a couple friend-of-fungus or fungus-ridden enemies, you should get one of the two fungus infections. If you're lucky, the creature's body is infected, meaning that the fungus drop gives a total of 3 AC when equipped. You can then wield that 3 AC misc as a weapon

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