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    New Player

    I have just downloaded (the free version of) caves of qud. I have played Nethack and DCSS before. What should you do at the beginning? I have a true man priest of all moons with 21/16/23/16/18/16 stats. I have an iron long sword, an iron short sword, an electrified steel butcher knife with no battery inserted (I have a battery), and an "opal pommeled steel battle axe". What should I wield? I tried wandering around, and I killed several "glowpads" and picked up some glowfish corpses. How do I examine stuff in my inventory? I have 95 drams of water. Also, I am "bloated" for some reason. Did I autoeat too much? How can I examine npcs closely? In the video I watched, the player could see all of the relationships of the npcs, but I cannot.
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    1) The first thing you should do is press esc and then enter to see how all the keys are mapped. Lots of useful actions there like (t)alk and (l)ook which you might not have even known existed. It may also be useful to use the [?] help option on the main menu - some of it is useful. After that, you "should" talk to everyone, get quests, buy armor with as high AV as you can afford (even if it brings you down to 1 dram), and go straight to Red Rock. I say "should", but inexperienced players are likely to die on their first trip to Red Rock, so for your first few runs you may want to grind a bit against glowfish. Once you get good, you shouldn't ever need to do this. There's also something else experienced players know they can do at Joppa, but I'll let you figure that out on your own.
    2) I'd go with the steel battle axe - steel is better than iron, and axes are a pretty good compromise between armor-piercing and damage-dealing for early game. Electrified weapons are also real good for dealing with armored enemies, though your electrified weapon sounds kind of lame.
    3) Open your inventory with the "i" key.
    4) Being bloated doesn't have any obvious negative effects. In fact, I don't know of any negative effects at all. Don't worry about overeating.
    5) View other creatures with "l". While in view mode, you can press "l" or "u" to switch between the cursor automatically jumping to creatures and having more fine-grain control of the cursor.
    6) If by relationships you mean factions, you can view them with shift-f... assuming factions are in the free game. I don't actually know if they are. Factions shouldn't play a big role early-game, so don't worry about it.
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    I knew about l, but I was using space to talk. I did the argyve quest with some crayons. Then, I was overwhelmed by a horde of baboons.

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    Baboons only sometimes spawn at the entrance of Red Rock, but when they do they're a serious threat. It's actually (usually) safer inside Red Rock's caves/dungeons than it is at a baboon-infested entrance. If you keep your distance, you might be able to find the entrance to the cave and quickly run in there.

    Oh, and I forgot one of the most important game actions that's overlooked by new players - sprinting is very much your friend. When you can't win, run. It may even be worth waiting out its cooldown timer when exploring new areas just in case you need it. Sprinting also works well with ranged weapons, since it lets you kite enemies from a safe distance.

    I'd also advise you to press esc, choose options, and make sure the game options are how you want them. It may be a good idea to choose "Prompt player to really die before dying" since very very rarely the game will kill you for no reason. This has happened to me exactly once.
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    What stats should I get on level ups? What skills? Also, do enemies respawn?

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    Enemies don't respawn, but you should never run out of them. The caves of qud go very deep. As for stats, toughness and strength are good for new players. Agility is probably worth investing in too since you'll need ranged weapon fighting. Intelligence shouldn't be too important, but it shouldn't be completely neglected either. Ego (and to a lesser extent, wisdom) is complete junk for true humans, but amazing for mutants. Go for the first harvestry and shield skills as soon as you can. Yellow trees can be harvested once for witchwood bark, which is one hell of a drug. On top of its more amusing use, the bark also has the side effect of healing you pretty much to full for much of the game. You can find lots of yellow trees in the desert canyons to the east of Joppa, and fewer in the canyons to its north. Don't go for tinkering until you're wealthy and you've collected lots of artifacts to disassemble.

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    Do the trees respawn? Also, I went inside the rust caves and cleared floor number 1, but I saw a slumbering on floor 2 and ran away.

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    Trees don't respawn. Very few things respawn, but there are ways to get infinite of anything. And even then, most things are abundant enough naturally that you don't have to worry. Slumberlings are only scary when someone is stupid enough to wake them up by attacking them... which some enemies unfortunately are. If you're far enough away when the slumberling wakes up, you should just hide and wait until it falls asleep again, and then loot the corpses of the suicidal slumberling-botherer. If that's not an option, do your best to protect it from enemies that want to ruin its nap. If everything is dead but the slumberling on your floor, then don't worry about the 'friendly' dreamer.

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    How do I cook meat (raw bear meat)? I have 2 pieces and a campfire.

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    I don't know? I don't think you can cook meat right now. Real men eat their bear meat raw, I guess.

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