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    Thanks for answering my questions. Also, does wilderness stuff respawn (ie wandering snapjaws, salamanders, etc)? Will the sound of fighting wake up the slumbering?

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    No problem - it's nice to be able to talk about this game. Wilderness stuff does not respawn, and the sounds of fighting will not wake a slumberling.

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    So eventually you will kill everything?

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    There are 1050 squares on the overworld map. Each square has 9 screens to explore, giving a total of 9450 overworld screens. Each of these screens has cavernous screens underneath it. How many screens are there underneath each overworld screen? I don't know. I've gone past 100 screens deep, but only through cheating with the debug menu. That is at least 945,000 screens to explore. If you manage to kill everything on all of these screens, then I applaud you. But assuming there is a deepest level, yes, you can technically genocide the entire planet.

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    Regarding slumberlings: If I have forcefield and a decent ranged weapon, I sometimes stop to kill slumberlings. Trap them inside the forcefield (or protect yourself in a bubble) and pepper them with bullets. A desert rifle should do, at least if you have decent agility and/or rifle skill. It's a bit risky, of course, but a nice xp boost, especially if you pull it off with low level characters.

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    That character died while being lost and swarmed by a bunch of monsters. I used witchwood when nearly dead, but it confused me and prevented me from running/fighting well or using more witchwood. I made a new character, a mutant marauder. I am at level 6, with 22 strength, 18 agility, 20 toughness (45 hp), 17 intelligence, 16 willpower, and 16 ego. I started with 3 unstable genomes. Currently, I have frill(why? I choose beak), carapace (4), night vision, slime glands (should have got chimera instead), emp (from unstable genome), pyschometry (from unstable genome), and multiple arms (from unstable genome). I have 2 spare mutation points, but cannot increase carapace for some reason. I just completed the watervine quest. I have axe expertise, whack, trip, dismember, butcher, harvest, and 215 unused points. In my two main hands, I have carbide battleaxes, and I am also wielding iron and steel battleaxes in the secondary hands. I have one iron bucker and spiked gauntlets. What should I skill/mutate? Is my equipment correct? Where can I store stuff? Will merchants restock?

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    There's no penalty that I'm aware of for selecting the wrong item when confused and looking for witchwood bark - even if you choose something else with an 'eat' option like a star apple before you find witchwood bark, you'll only spend one turn (so long as you don't close your inventory in-between eating). This is actually very powerful, since it means that at any level you can eat multiple witchwood barks to go from near-death to perfect health for the cost of 1 turn. For convenience (i.e. not having to check through every item in your inventory for an 'eat' option), keep stock of how many you have. That will be the total weight of your bark, which should make them easier to find. You may also want to plan an escape route before eating bark just in case you need to run - while it may look like up is down and left is right, your controls are perfectly normal and you could just walk around obstacles if you remember where they are.

    I have no idea why you have frill. I don't even know what that is. Might be a glitch. I might just be ignorant.

    Carapace can be very strong, but as with all mutations, its max level is capped in some way by your current level. If you level up a bit, you'll eventually find you can spend mutation points on it again. I guess it's to encourage players to invest in a variety of mutations.

    You may want to start investing skill points into dual-wielding, shield, endurance, and self discipline's Iron Mind (and maybe even Lionheart) skills. Acrobatics also has some decent but very inexpensive skills you might want to think about.

    I'd save my mutation points for now for the potential to spend 4 on a new mutation. Your current mutations, aside from carapace (and maybe multiple arms), don't really benefit much from additional points.

    Sounds like you have a good set-up weapons-wise. Should look for a hat and boots if possible. Word of warning - equipping multiple shields does not help you block better, so don't waste your carrying capacity equipping bucklers to all four of your arms.

    The best place to store stuff is on the ground in a village. Npcs won't steal it, unless they're beetlebums. But there are no beetlebums in villages like Joppa, at least not unless you bring them in.

    Most merchants restock. There's a place with a lot of merchants spanning multiple screens where almost no merchants ever restock, and there are some creatures (like Mehmet in Joppa) that are willing to trade with you but aren't technically merchants who also won't restock. As soon as you enter a screen where a merchant has restocked since your last visit, you should get a message with green text in your sidebar letting you know who restocked.
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    Frill blocks hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arandomperson12 View Post
    Frill blocks hat.
    Then get your head cut off and grow a new one. The hard part is not dying while you wait for the new one to grow.

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    What do the weapon brands (sharp, slim, durable, flaming, electricity) do?

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