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Thread: Updates without new patch notes

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    Updates without new patch notes

    So I have a new update, but they haven't put out any new notes, does that mean that it is likely a hotfix and they just don't have new stuff? I just am wondering as I have only recently got the game if that is something that the devs tend to do?

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    Judging by the time of your reply, likely the post that happened a few hours later in the announcement forum, version history thread is what is refering to the update. I don't know how common it is and what are the criteria for posting news on the Steam page (which I assume is what you refer to) because I ignore them and prefer to check the aforemention thread - I suspect that given the recent update was just a fix of two little things (dismember decapitations and some glitches with ruin map generation), it's likely why it didn't make the news.

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