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Thread: Grenades and Ranged attacks

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    Grenades and Ranged attacks

    Would be nice to get indicator of a grenades explosion before you throw it. I had an experience where it hit a tree and the pathing said it was fine, (all green dots) but it hit a tree (i think?) and insta killed me. It is hard to guess a grenades explosion range. Grenades seem to be a very important tool for the tinkers.

    Also it seems sometimes ranged shots show that it can hit the target but it doesn't because of the pathing. Again, it shows all green dots but it hits a wall. Sometimes you can see the target but can't shoot it because it takes a different path and it must hit a wall.

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    Whenever you use a ranged weapon or throw something (like a grenade) there's a chance your aim is a bit off. I think having higher agility improves your accuracy, but I don't know if you can ever get 100%. If you try to throw a grenade through a narrow passage, missing by a little could result in not getting the grenade through the passage - do you think that might be what happened? That said, it'd be nice if the dots turned yellow when there was a chance something could get in the way of your throw.

    Edit: On testing, it looks like higher agility improves your ranged weapons accuracy (like with short bows) but not your thrown item accuracy.
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    I had super high agility and i've had a few situations where the projectile was hitting the wall shot after shot. The mob wasn't moving as it was sleeping. The bullet seemed to be constantly hitting the same part of the wall. It was a diagonal shot. As far as the grenade, I guess i assumed since there were only green dots that it would lob it over the tree, it wasn't in a passage and the grenade seemed to take the trajectory i chose, i just didn't account for the tree because the dots were all green.

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    It's a bit late for this advice, but you may want to open the in-game options menu and turn on "Prompt player to really die before dying". That should protect you from 'bad' deaths caused by glitches and user interface issues. I don't play high-agility characters, so I don't know anything else that could help.

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    Yeah grenades are a bi$%^, there isn't a skill for throwing, and agility doesn't seem to help at all like it does for other ranged weapons. I guess because they are an artifact they are trying to balance them that way. I guess using them as mines would be the best use for them, though I haven't tried doing that yet. I was planning to test it next time I made a tinker

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