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Thread: Sultans of Qud suggestions

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    Sultans of Qud suggestions

    I REALLY REALLY like the sultans. They're procedural generation is awesome, make the world different each time and all the cool things. But, as of now, there are some minor things that would be a great addition...

    The biggest problem to me is that I have little incentive to get deep in a history. Qud is a dangerous place. Even being carefull, I can die out of pure badluck. And if I begin to try and take notes on the sultans timeline and stuff I could end up having a premature death and, oh well, let's go to a new world with new sultasn all again. So, I think we need something to help us... write down the legends. What I suggest:

    - Create an archeologist/historian NPC of sort, to begin. Someone like the librarian in teh six day stilt, but in another settlement (actually, in that fashion, the librarian doesn't seem to fit too well with the machinists also but... whatever).

    - Make the sayd archeologist retrieve painted/engraved items, similar to the librarian with books. Instead of EXP maybe he could give just water, or maybe the localization of historical sites and relics could be linked to a certain ammount of relics from a given sultan.

    - The archeologist could sell/give a item players could use at sultans statues to "copy" the statue transcription. After visiting some statues, the item could be delivered back to him and he would register it.

    - At the end, the archeologist could give back the info collected. Maybe he could have a museum with interactable object/book that would compile the info collected and put them in order. Lastly, I could question him about a sultan and he would say, based on the collected info, wich races loved him, wich hated and this kind of thing, or "we don't know much about that one".

    That's part of the things I've been thinking that would be nice about 'em. Essentially, it would add value to what I think to be a great mechanic that in the moment doesn't really reward me for getting into the game due to... how prematurally most Qud adventurers die...

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    How about if players could earn faction reputation by retrieving and returning artifacts which once belonged to that faction? That would give reason to read the sultan history - depending on who the artifact originally belonged to, it may nor may not be worth going for. It would also introduce a non-renewable alternate path for turning some hostile enemies neutral. For bonus points, the special equipment found at the bottom of a sultan dungeon could be made into high quality faction-boosters. Permanently lose a piece of sultan equipment for instant love and maybe a nice entry in your 'game over' accomplishments log.

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