I've been playing the updated version, and took note of some mostly minor bugs. I was unsure about whether to make separate threads for each of them, but I guess you have your own tracking system, anyway, so here's just a list to avoid cluttering the forum. I've been playing the ASCII version on Debian (stretch/current testing), and can report a significant performance improvement since the old version, so huzzah for that.

  • Traders who have no water can still buy stuff, increasing the player's wealth by the correct amount of water.
  • If I take a skulk injector and use force bubble, I get stuck, because my claws automatically try to dig through the force field. Same for natural claws, I think.
  • A character with narcolepsy and (mechanical) wings can fall asleep flying, without crashing to the ground
  • If you have the girshling quest active and defeat a girshling outside of Red Rock, it counts as solving the quest step.
  • When starting, I always get the option to "Load a game" hilit, even if I have no saves. If I enter the (empty) list, then the option gets greyed out as it should.
  • I still see some effects happening at places outside my field of view (worms of the earth burrowing, blood being shed, etc.) Also, if a critter is killed on a tile that is known, but out of view, its corpse appears on the greyed-out parts of the map.
  • When I level up Electrical Generation, it instantly recharges to max. The optimal strategy becomes to use the mutation, level up and use it again immediately. That feels a bit odd. If anything, it would make more sense to just get +2 charges when you level up? Not exactly a bug, perhaps…
  • If a critter is trying to attack a young ivory (for example) that you are standing on top of, it will attack you instead.
  • When travelling in the overworld map, I sometimes "discover" a place of interest that I already found in explore/tactical mode.
  • If I spontaneously combust whilst standing in water, the water doesn't put out the fire like it seems to do if I step onto it from dry land.
  • Very nice that you can give followers items. But I got a proselytized watervine farmer who prefers to wield a chem cell over a flaming battle axe.
  • Scummy ways to use temporal fugue and the "G"ive interface: You can effectively multiply your inventory (for a limited time). This is a cool feature in itself, eg. "borrowing" a tonic from your clone. But if you use the power next to a merchant, load up on cloned valuables and sell them before the effect wears off, you can have unlimited cash In a way, it's fun that that's possible, but maybe the merchant should become angered when those trade goods blink out of existance again, or something. Similarly, if you disassemble scraps of artifacts duplicated with temporal fugue, you keep the bits after your clones dissipate.
  • A broken metal folding chair sells for a higher price than one in working order.
  • In a similar vein: Eating the severed bodyparts of a snapjaw is more nutritious than eating the whole corpse
  • Even when Ctesiphus is hostile, it can be petted for good luck. Feels a bit off, although it's fun to bring harmless, hostile Ctesiphus along as a light source.
  • Keyboard issues: On Linux, with a Norwegian keyboard, I have some troubles. Some keys are dead, including "<", ">" and "+". Pre-steam, it used to be that some keys were wrongly mapped (to an American layout, I suspect).

As always,