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Thread: Getting some use from game mechanics of dubious value

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    Getting some use from game mechanics of dubious value

    CoQ has some game mechanics that seem completely useless to me. Having useless mechanics isn't necessarily a bad thing - not everything needs to be useful, and sometimes part of the fun is sorting out the helpful from the unhelpful. This topic is all about giving 'misfit game mechanics' the benefit of the doubt and looking for ways they can be useful... if they even can be. If you have any ideas, please post them in a reply here. Below are some of my own ideas.

    *Sentient walls can have tons of health, to the point that the best sentient walls (holographic shale) can beat a chrome pyramid by standing next to it and absorbing missile damage for long enough that the pyramid kills itself with missiles. They're fantastic meat(?) shields for those with prosthelytize/beguiling, but I'm not entirely sure where players could benefit from a meat shield. Maybe one could use Syphon Vim on their wall follower to effectively get temporary quick regeneration? Even that seems pretty weak.

    *Adrenal control seems totally useless. But maybe if you combined it with Tighten Carapace, you could create a character with two modes - a super fast 'aggressive' mode, and a high-AV 'recovery' mode. Haven't tried it myself, though.

    *When a creature contracts a fungal infection, one of their pieces of equipment is removed and replaced with the fungus. When an npc moves a piece of equipment into their inventory, it becomes available for sale. This could be used to get some non-hostile npc's to sell their equipment to the player. For instance, one could use this to 'steal' crysteel shardmail from the High Priest of the Stilt without killing him. Empty injectors could be used to activate fickle gill's spore production. The problem is that showering a non-hostile npc with your fickle gill spores will temporarily turn it hostile. That, and there's a good chance you need to do this multiple times to get the right piece of equipment. Oh, and the fact that better alternatives exist like Domination and (for ranged and melee weapons) Dueling Stance + Swipe. But I don't know, maybe there's someplace this is good.
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    Here's a fun one!

    *Equip Booster gun
    *Load with tonic of choice
    *Activate temporal Fugue
    *Watch as your clones riddle an enemy with debilitating overdoses


    Or how about this:

    *Be attacked by enemy with the ability to dismember
    *Garrote their mind via dominate
    *Activate dismember
    *Target 'self'
    *Return to body (Smirk optional)


    *Mutate carapace to a high level and use wooly clothes to pad out the extra few inches of heat/cold resist
    *Tinker scads of cheap grenades or equip a flamethrower
    *Detonate cryo/heat grenades point blank until you reduce your enemies/surroundings to lava or a polar hellscape

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    Nice ones, Logrin. Looking for enemies with dismember might also be a viable source of disembodied faces for ego boosts. Even without domination, a low-strength character with a ganglionic teleprojector can probably force a saw-hander to (eventually) cut the right body part off the right enemy. Doubt it would come up much since serrated items seem a lot more common than ganglionic teleprojectors. As for players with domination, I think the only organic non-unique enemies with dismember are madpoles.

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    Madpoles, snapjaw skullsplitters, that goat Warden, Jotunn-who-parts limbs....I feel like there was more....

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    Here's one that unfortunately DOESN'T work.

    *Activate hook and drag
    *Activate Phasing
    *Phase through wall
    *Drag foe in with you

    But now that I write that I wonder, if you hook a foe, then slam them with a cudgel--will you be propelled alongside them?

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