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Thread: Mid-early-game malaise

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    Mid-early-game malaise

    I'm a novice Qud player and love the lore and atmosphere of the game. I finally got over the hump of being able to keep early game characters alive and can fairly reliably get to talking to the Barathrumites and getting to the village of Kyakukya. That's where I hit a bit of a bump, right around level 12 or so.

    At this point I can crush everything in the plains/hills/canyon areas, but the jungles are still a huge risk, much less trying to do the goatfolk village quest.

    It seems like at this point a lot of grinding is involved. I can wander around and try and find ruins and lairs, but there's a lot of wandering around without a clear short term goal to work towards.

    I can get great equipment, but then sooner or later I accidentally get hit by some spores and have glowcrust in my primary hand or something and I'm fucked. I have NEVER successfully found the whole cure for a fungal infection before I get at least one other and it cripples me enough to make playing very difficult. Why are fungal infections SO easy to get and hard to cure?!?!!?

    Any cool mid-early game stuff to do? Should be be quicker to do the post-grit-gate quest? I'm intimidated by dropping down those metal chutes. Do magnetic boots help for that?

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    Sounds more like you're an intermediate than a novice You're describing the beginning of the middle game. It's a tough spot. Don't despair, because it won't take you long before you feel more secure traversing the jungles, clearing Golgotha and drinking the blood of that pesky goatfolk prophet down the river.

    Your main goal at this point, is to do Golgatha, but that is going to kill several characters before you are comfortable with it, so buckle in. It's the only way to learn how to handle the middle to late game. You have to go down those chutes! If you have some trickeries up your sleeve (like Domination to do scouting), the fire chutes are probably the easiest to get through. Pay attention to the vents, which change their color right before exhaling the nasty stuff. A blaze injector is not a bad thing to use here. Going down the chutes, play defensive: use sprinting, force fields, grenades, whatever you got. After some runthroughs, you won't find it so intimidating. As an exercise, try leaving the assembly line and exploring the cavernous parts of those levels. It may give you more confidence, a sense of what's going on.

    To get some more muscle/xp on your characters, try to clear the historic site-quest from the shrine in Joppa and visit the Six Day Stilt (delivering all books you found at the historic site to the librarian). This should make you (theoretically) more than capable of handling Golgotha, and afterwards the Raising Indrix Quest. Until you feel confident taking out the evil goat shaman, it's better to save that quest until after Golgotha, I think (that may be debatable). Indrix provides a useful hint regarding that quest, which is not to engage the boss in melee. I often pick force field as a starting mutation, and this is a good place to use it. Trap that bastard and pepper him with all you've got. Good luck, and have fun dying

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    The Golgatha quest has a pretty good weapon reward if you complete it before hitting level 19. The level requirement shouldn't make you feel particularly rushed to finish the quest fast, but it's a really nice weapon to have. If you bring the weapon to the rivers north of the jungle, it'll make short work of madpoles and help you level up pretty quickly. If you're a true human, you can use sphinx salt to safely determine which chutes lead where. The crab chute is the worst, and like AgingMinotaur said the fire chute is the best. If you're stuck on a bad chute, look for opportunities to switch. I also like AgingMinotaur's idea of exploring the cavernous parts off the conveyor belts - probably do that. Oh, and I don't think magnetic boots do much for you in Golgatha. It'd be pretty cool if they did.

    Avoiding and curing unwanted fungal symbiotes:
    *Never explore a close quarters mushroom patch if you can't currently cure fungal infections. Open spaces are your best defense against infection. If the game tells you that you have to explore a close quarters mushroom patch, politely tell the game that it is wrong. There are always two ways to get into the Red Rock cave - the normal one and a secret one closer to the starting area. If one of the paths has mushrooms, consider turning around and using the other. As for the copper wire quest, you should get enough wire if you skip mushroom-infested caves.
    *If you find yuckwheat or honey for sale, buy it. Using these around time of spore-contact (at least is supposed to) lower the chances of spores successfully colonizing. Even without these, it's possible to get showered in spores and never develop an infection.
    *Some enemies in mushroom patches are infectious. Use the (l)ook command to see if they're a "friend to fungus".
    *Many of the ingredients for curing a fungal infection can be found in the Six Day Stilt (if you're lucky) or in the rainbow forest deep in the east part of the jungle (pretty much guaranteed). You may want to travel to the rainbow forest with a bunch of empty waterskins, fill them all with a ton of all the liquids you can find (if you can't carry it all, then create a pile of filled waterskins and pick them all up before you use a recoiler to escape while encumbered).

    Jungle tips:
    *Bring witchwood bark.
    *Use trees as cover - usually goatfolk sowers won't throw their seeds if they can't see you, but they'll still walk closer to you if they know you're behind the tree. Wait for them to come to you. Once you can get adjacent to a sower, you can safely kill it - sowers won't throw their seeds at someone right next to them, so you get melee attacked instead of exploded.
    *Never stand too close to a shaman. It might have disintegration. In fact, never stand near any psychic enemies that might have disintegration. It's a low percent chance, but it can easily end an otherwise lucky run.
    *Bring even more witchwood bark. Bring like 20 and you should be very safe.
    *Goatfolk hornblowers are the worst goatfolk. Worse than shamans. Avoid them. If you can't avoid them, approach them from a direction where the space directly behind you is safe. If they inflict you with fear, you don't want the fear to push you towards enemies (or a new map screen that can easily have more enemies). The worst is when you have both hornblowers and sowers. If you can, aggro them one at a time with a ranged weapon or something so you don't need to fight them simultaneously.

    Cool optional mid-early game stuff you can do:
    *As AgingMinotaur said, look for historic sites to get sultan loot.
    *There is a special place somewhere in the jungle with many wonderful things. Torches on the overworld may lead you to its entrance.
    *Look for the second entrance to the Red Rock caves. It's easier to find if you think of it as an exit and just follow the Red Rock caves until you hit the end. There may even be something nice waiting for you along the trip.
    *Kill Svenlainard in Kyakukya and take his swords. They're great and a lot of fun to use. Attack him where he's the only one who can see you to aggro him, and then lure him to a screen outside of town so nobody else enters the fight. You probably want to clear that screen of enemies before you bring Svenlainard in. He's not a pushover, so come prepared for a tough fight. Don't finish him off with a grenade since the grenade might damage or destroy the swords. Alternatively, look for a way to get the swords off of him that doesn't involve cold-blooded murder - they exist.
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    Thanks. I have so many more questions now.

    Re: Golgotha - So, you have to use the sphinx salt and drop down a chute just to see what's in there? I assumed those magnetic boots were for climbing slowly down chutes. What the heck are they for then?

    Re: Witchwood bark - I only just found out about this. Is this worth getting Harvest for?

    Re: Yuckwheat and honey - So it's not clear for sure if either work? Do you drink the honey or pour it on you? I've heard both.

    Re: Finding surface stuff - Having a torch makes it easier to see stuff from the overworld map?!?!?!?!?! Not other sources of light like glowspheres though?

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    Re Re: Golgotha - I mean, you don't need sphinx salt. But it'll give you a nice edge, and its one of the few mid-late game advantages true humans have (mutants respond to sphinx salt differently). Since I pretty much always play a mutant I use different tricks to get through Golgotha, like AgingMinotaur's suggestion to use domination. As for magnetic boots, I have no idea what those are used for if they're even used for anything in the first place. Not all things in Caves of Qud were designed with practical uses in mind. That's not to say a creative player can't think any up when presented with an ostensively useless thing.

    Re Re: Witchwood bark - A lot of players play without witchwood bark, so I don't think it's a requirement. It can save you from some tight spots, but if you get too reliant on it as a player and never learn other strategies then you'll suffer in those situations where witchwood bark doesn't cut it. But it's a great light-weight emergency heal if nothing else.

    Re Re: I don't really know that much about yuckwheat or honey other than that they're supposed to help prevent diseases. I don't know in what way they help, whether it's better to take them in before or after exposure to the illness, whether honey should be poured over yourself or drunk, if using them both is more helpful than using just one or the other, etc. And heck, maybe the game's bugged and they don't do anything. It wouldn't be the easiest bug for players to notice. If you want to be really "safe", then both pour some honey and drink some.

    Re Re: Finding surface stuff - Sorry, I didn't mean to mislead you. Equipable torches don't do anything special that I know of. The torches I was referring to are stationary torches like those in Joppa. If you're in the jungles and you find a lit torch that looks like the ones decorating Joppa, try to see what's up. In general if you see something weird, try to see what's up. The worst that could happen is you die.
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