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Thread: Is Sproggiwood still being supported [Android]?

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    Is Sproggiwood still being supported [Android]?

    Really enjoying this on my phone so far, but the duplicate input bug is making things way more difficult than they need to be. I end up wasting stamina by using abilities twice, the info button takes a lot of fidgeting to toggle on/off, levels start before I get to pick my equipment, etc.

    Any chance of this getting fixed, or is the game dead at this point?


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    Welp, guess it's good and dead.

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    Just don't monitor this forum daily.

    We don't have much bandwidth to give to Sproggiwood at the moment. (Only two of us, and working on Caves of Qud full bore atm), however if you e-mail I can give you access to a beta apk that has some fixes, might fix the issue for you.

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    Cool, thanks for taking the time to respond!

    I'll send an e-mail soon.

    Hope everything is going well on Caves of Qud!

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