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Thread: Getting started in Qud guide

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    Getting started in Qud guide

    From a beginners perspective, I wanted to pen something that may help the absolute novice, get started with Qud.

    Theres some really good information on these forums, I'm glad I signed up.

    Hi folks!

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    Hey, nice introduction to Qud (I just skimmed it). Another advice I'd give starting players, is to visit the merchant Tam before heading out from town, of course. Sell all your junk (excess army and weapons in particular), and try to get a missile weapon (a short bow or musket is okay) and maybe some bandages. See if you can afford a few copper nuggets, as well. (While water is the currency in Qud, nuggets have fixed exchange rates, so function as money, but weigh less than water). Also, always examine strange artifacts in your inventory before giving them to random mad scientists in cabins. And finally: Between battles, don't forget the Rest until healed command (default "R", I think).

    Regarding defects, you pick: "Analgesia […] I can live with that." Or more probably die, of course (as Qudians are wont to do). My own favorite defects are: 2p: Albino (seek the caves), 3p: Ravenous (eat your roadkill) or Spontaneous combustion (half-fill a waterskin with salt water, and pour 2-3 drams on yourself when you burst into flames), 4p: Narcolepsy (it will kill you, but only once every blue moon ) Evil twin is very fun, but can be tricky.

    The best way of mastering any game is to play it, so whatever you do, go with the flow and have fun, I guess.

    As always,
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