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Thread: New Mutation Callings, Physical/Mental Mutations and Skills

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    New Mutation Callings, Physical/Mental Mutations and Skills

    I apologise for the messy formatting, I just wanted to quickly share my ideas. I am dyslexic so you shouldn't blame me and know what too expect.

    First off on a side note. Did you know that your stat system could have spelled Satire? (SATIRE Like Fallouts SPECIAL). If you change Willpower's name to Resolve, the SATIRE name system should then be unique to your game. Just thought I would point that out.

    Disclaimer. I have only been playing this game for a week and still don't know much about it. Must have made well over a 50~100 characters by now and highest level I reached was 12. I have never made it out of the swamp starting area and deepest dungeon level I have reached was level 3.
    Also I am not the developers for this game, so it isn't my job to come up with stat values and too figure out the coding of how these suggest things I list would work. I am just put a few idea's I had while playing the game out there for them to consider.

    Should add that these are for mutants and not true humans.

    New Mutation Callings (classes) to chose from. Maybe if considered too OP the values could be dropped to +1 or could be on offer once you reach level 30 or Finish the game or something a long those lines.

    I have two version of these new class suggestion. Just putting the idea out there. Of course the names could be change, I am just putting the idea behind them out there.

    Just stats and no skill start.

    Tank +2 Toughness, +2 Willpower
    Trader +2 Ego, +2 Strength
    Fighter +2 Strength, +2 Agility
    Survivor +2 Toughness, +2 Agility
    Psychic +2 Ego, +2 Willpower

    I lowered the values so it isn't too OP. Of course just suggestions, skill can be added or changed.

    Tank +1 Toughness, +1 Willpower, Block, Deft Blocking, Tank
    Trader +1 Ego, +1 Strength, Trash Divining, Scavenger,
    Fighter +1 Strength, +1 Agility, Juke, Flurry
    Survivor +1 Toughness, +1 Agility, Conatus, Longstrider
    Psychic +1 Ego, +1 Willpower, Tactful, Mind's Compass, Meditate

    (In case you think it is to OP - Apostle or maybe it was Pilgrim skills are worth 650 points).
    I avoided giving weapon skills at start as feel they mentally lock you into the suggested roll. (Maybe just me or I am to fugal to sped point side of the given weapon class).

    List of suggested mutations, skills and items



    Heavy Hoofed Feet or Heavy Cloven Hoofed Feet (Or heavy cleft feet?)
    Movement speed increased.
    Caused earth quake like stomp – knock back or prone attack. (Ability)

    Phosphorescent (Alternative too night vision)
    You glow, making you an easier target to hit from range. (If a negative mutation).
    You can communicate with phosphorescent beings by bioluminescent photophores and are capable of quickly changing body colouration. (Should graphically your natural light flicker colours? I don't want anything epileptic educing though – Just imagine a squid if your wondering what I mean).
    (Befriend Ctesiphus the town cat – amongst other such beings. Plus 100 ~ 500 with phosphorescent beings).

    Double Stomach (Same sort of effect as Juicer except for food)
    You have two stomachs and can benefit form eating two different meals.
    As leveled extend the duration of the effect food last for you or increase its effect.
    (Eating a third meal will replace the oldest eaten meal. Should similar effect overlap or only the highest effect be chosen or fist meal in that category type be the one in effect will have to be up to the developers. Standard meal times apply duration or should it be shorter or extended, again up to the developers).

    Infrared Vision
    You have the ability to detect infrared radiation. (Toggle on and off ability, can see creatures from their heat through thin walls).
    See Attached Thumbnails.


    Pyromaniac (Psychic Disability)
    You randomly set things or beings on fire. (Not sure if only moving counts but make sure your character doesn't stay around a trader for too long – Telepathy will be more useful now together with this mutation).

    Astral Projection (I noticed bed rolls, they seem useless to me but thought it would be cool if you could sleep and go an out of body spiritual journey through a space tile set and a transparent body).
    You can leave your body and travel Astral Plane. Physical attacks will not work and only Mental attacks can harm your enemies. (Perfect for high Ego and Will characters with many Ego Attack skills and high Will for Defence).
    The are plenty of opportunities as well as dangerous to be encountered. Meet other beings like yourself on a spiritual journey or extra dimensional beings. (Make friends and increase knowledge).
    Avoid spatial storms, spacial rifts (tears in the fabric of reality) and black holes.
    Encounter beings that feed on spiritual bodies or those who will opposite you because they are opposite to your soul frequency (Your positive they are negative – the for no reason they will just attack you foe).
    The idea is to encourage you to travel away from your physical body to reap the most rewards but doing so increases the danger you will face but will also increases the reward. It is also another way to gain experience. You can encounter essences which boost your soul, randomly or from defeated foes. It can be used like food to give you a status buff (boosts stats). Meet others and share knowledge about Qud or the Astral Plane itself. (Maybe a new world map – the Astral Plane Map with you in the centre and is revealed to you as you explore it – but doesn't have the fast travel option over-world option, special places or encounters could be randomised each play through).


    Face Hunter/Collector

    A chance that you can cut off the faces of your enemies when interacting (looking?) at a corpse.

    Bone Fire
    Your camp fires are Bone Fires, creating more light than a normal camp fire.
    Creatures of the dark will hesitate to approach the bone fire. (Create semi-safe zones).

    Manifested Aura (I want more Will based skill options – to help it stop looking like a useless stat).
    You will is so strong it is almost tangible. You presence in spires:

    You are naturally intimidating cause enemies to flinch or hesitate to attack you.
    Effect: Greater chance for enemies Miss Attacks or Don't Attack a round.

    You are naturally awe inspiring and boost the stats of those you favour. (Those around you who are not not hostile).
    Effect: Boost stats 2~4 or + 1~2 effective levels of those around you. (I don't know the specifics of how the game works or how the best way to boost your followers would be).

    You have a natural heroic bearing about you causing those you encounter to highly of you. (Befriend beings by increasing social standing). 1~5 standing gained per being encountered. (I am always pressing space in combat and trying to talk to my opponents in battle I thought it would be cool if there was a way to increase my relations with them, despite murdering their who tribe/gang).
    The water ritual usually heavily reduces your standing with a lot of faction so I thought this would a great way to counter the sort of imbalance, slowly over time. The effect of this skill would not be very pronounced or over all effective really.

    Just found out about Inspiring Presence but I still want more aura based skill along with more visible skill uses for Willpower.


    If it doesn't already exist, on the Steam video it seemed to imply that it does already exist in game.

    Flare Gun (Single charge meaning once off item or realist single shot ammo with multiple uses)
    Fire of a light source to view the map area as if it were day time. In a dungeon creates a massive light area (like lighting a massive camp fire).

    Extra ideas I had.

    Secret Area at the start of new starting locations
    A secret tunnel revealed by turning off lamps or pulling (forced action) on a wall candle (not sure if the game has theres). I thought this would be a great idea for one (all?) of the new starting towns. Like the serect cave in the first starting town. Could lead to a tunnel or a box of loot or statue/s. I guess they could also just tunnel they way into the area if the knew of it.

    Build a house/Base/Church (I got the idea from playing the game Balrum, creating my own house/base).
    Recruit member/citizens – build cult, recruit members to spread out and create a name in Quds history books. (Gather the power of faith?). (Fallout 4 Bases?)
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