The title says it all, you could approach this idea from the ancient methods of creating these products or from a modern or science-fiction machines to create them.

They count as a drinks and cooking ingredients, giving slightly more stat buffs than their original counter parts.

They also count as Artisan Goods, which sell for better than their current ingredient value (about the same as a bronze or iron weapon).

The farm workers could sell extras things if you want like yeast or some other exotic fantasy creations or devices you guys come up with if want too.

Things like needing to uses yeast (from purchasing or finding) could help balance it out if you feel it is to much of an easy way to make money/water as you can drink these products as well).

Water consumption can be increased with this add-on or have it increase by the amount of water the character has on him (logic being like am rich I can afford to splurge) or increases the characters water consumption rate by character level.

Or have it that they drink their products instead of water when they have them on them, and have the products weigh a lot or take up a large amount of ingredients in their creation.

These are things that could be done to balance this idea out.


Unimportant but how I came up with the idea while playing.

So I was playing and stumbled onto some farms and had managed to get a ton of apples (as well as other wild produce I found and purchased). I felt the place was lacking content and could easily be expanded upon, (There was only fencing, ton of produce trees, two workers, a dog and two houses with a table in each kind of boring). By adding crafting to the area as well, it will make the player want to visit there more often and for more than for just stocking up on food supplies.

PS: On an extra note: It would be amazing if on each tile set (swamp, desert, canyon) you could find an empty-ish plot of land to construct your own base/town (like in Fallout 4). One would spawn in every tile set type (swamp base/desert base/.etc) and from that you can create multiple villages (and possibly set up trade routes and invite friendly legends too it live in it but of course not their crew).

PPS: This game reminds me a lot of the original Wasteland game. Wasteland (interplay)

TL/DR: The title says it all.