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Thread: swapping skin with disappearing pet

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    Unhappy swapping skin with disappearing pet

    I beguiled Siq, the legendary glover, and afterward while walking around he would disappear and my character would have his skin. My stats are mine, it's not like a dominate mind thing, and he does appear to disappear and not go invisible. It's hard to tell but when I'm fighting after he's disappeared, it seems that I'm doing it alone. Also, when I ctrl+a travel back and forth, I don't collide with an invisible pet. Things that tend to make him disappear include walking into water or other substances. He occasionally appears when I enter combat, but not always.

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    You know what, he's a flyer. I'll bet he's just flying above me. Maybe make flyer pets avoid stacking on top of the player?

    Edit: Confirmed, he walks in caves. Really threw me off there for a while.
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