Could you make it that if you press 5 while on stairs you attack down or up. Stupid me sometimes thinks well the enemy isn't in the directions I normally attack in, he is right on top of me so I will want to press five to attack him. Let me keep spamming it until he dies so I can move along the stairs. I sometimes also think pressing 5 will take me up or down stairs, when that doesn't work I press Page Up or Page Down as the next logical choice. So if you could make those keys do that only while standing on stairs, you will make a lot of casual noob players life easier and the game less key focused and easier to play. (It could be an options only function if you feel other players would be against that). (I personally never want to wait next to an enemy, I should be promoted if I really wanted to do so - I am either hitting or running - never wanting to wait around to die).

Can the Temperature (Gage/Rating) on the overview panel be colour coded? (White for normal okay temperate zone, Red for it is getting hot, Blue for it is cold, maybe even dark red for when your on fire and dark blue for when your frozen). I hardly even take note of it, especially at critical times when I am in an unknowingly extreme situation, (for instance I started a forest fire, the cliffs are blazing hot and I see no visual indication on the tile set next thing I know I am on fire and the temperature is +500). Could the temperature value also flash/flicker a few time to catch your eye so you notice every time it changes by a value of 10~20 or so. So you can be drawn to take note of when it is rising and falling due to environmental changes or your placement in the zone.