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Thread: Play as a plant (a work in progress)

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    Well I think that is enough pictures to get my point across that playing as a plant would be awesome.

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    Playing as plants would be a very welcome addition to the game, of course. I have the impression it's on the developers' wishlist, as well. On a side note, I find it highly amusing that one of your posted images depicts a rose with a navel

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    I started reading this novel on Royal Road Legend and was surprised to find that the main character got an awesome plant monster companion. It is a thorny vine that can borrow, strangle and drain it's foe. It follows him into combat by borrowing underground. Then when he engages the monster in combat it jumps out from underground at the right time, strangling the monsters neck and draining it of blood, quickly killing it.

    For those interested in reading the story here it is...

    The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

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