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Thread: I fixed the wiki on the Intelligence Attribute, but it can still be improved upon...

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    Post I fixed the wiki on the Intelligence Attribute, but it can still be improved upon...

    The wiki was wrong about the Intelligence Attribute values so I figured this out on my own. Should I or someone else update the wiki with it? It can still be improved upon.

    The wiki was wrong or out-dated so I edit it as previously it stated that at level 10 and 11 made no difference and you were given 50 skill points per level, so at level 12 it counted as 54 points and was wrong (maybe it was a bug or was updated since then).

    So here is a table I created when trying to figure out how Intelligence points really worked and how much I would gain per level. In order to get high costing skills early on, like Duel Wielding. Starting at 50 skill points gained per level this is how much skill points you gain per level.

    10 Intelligence gains 50 skill points per level |
    11 Intelligence gains 54 skill points per level |
    12 Intelligence gains 58 skill points per level |
    13 Intelligence gains 62 skill points per level |
    14 Intelligence gains 66 skill points per level |
    15 Intelligence gains 70 skill points per level | +3 Levels = 200 Skill Points or +6 Levels = 400 Skill Points
    16 Intelligence gains 74 skill points per level |
    17 Intelligence gains 78 skill points per level | +2 Levels = 150 Skill Points or +4 Levels = 300 Skill Points
    18 Intelligence gains 82 skill points per level |
    19 Intelligence gains 86 skill points per level | +3 Levels = 250 Skill Points or +6 Levels = 500 Skill Points
    20 Intelligence gains 90 skill points per level |
    21 Intelligence gains 94 skill points per level | +6 Levels = 550 Skill Points
    22 Intelligence gains 98 skill points per level |
    23 Intelligence gains 102 skill points per level | +3 Levels = 300 Skill Points or +6 Levels = 600 Skill Points
    24 Intelligence gains 106 skill points per level |
    25 Intelligence gains 110 skill points per level | +5 Levels = 550 Skill Points
    26 Intelligence gains 114 skill points per level | +4 Levels = 450 Skill Points

    The Intelligence point values you have on hand along with using the skill points means this table gets thrown out of sync at level 6 or if you add your your extra skill point into Intelligence. I find it difficult to explain further what I mean by that. Just ignore this if you don't understand what I mean.

    I think it goes without say but I will say it anyway that key levels in Intelligence are values at 15, 17, 19 and 23.

    For gaining 23 Intelligence I like to put the value at 21 (giving me 4 extra points returned to place else where) and take Tinker class for the extra 2 Intelligence points making Intelligence valued at 23 and then you can craft gear which is great and fun as well as get those 300 skill points often.

    Edited for formatting. Well I can not increase the spacing between the turn based return gain values. Sorry about it being clumped on top of each other.
    Last edited by Zalpha; 04-04-2018 at 10:42 AM. Reason: Edited for formatting. Changed turns to levels.

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