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Thread: Recoiler Recipe schematic bug

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    Recoiler Recipe schematic bug

    I was in Joppa at the Tinker/schematic trader and he was selling three recoiler's of places I have never been or heard of before. I checked the Factions list and they were not listed there. I wanted the schematics. They were priced at three hundred Drams of Water each. I sold a lot items (some I didn't want too) too afford two of the recipes. When I used them it told me I already know this recipe. Surprised and confused I sold the two recipes back to the trader along with some more stuff I didn't want to part with to get the third recipe, only for it tell me I already knew that recipe as well. I then checked my known recipes (K) and I didn't know a single recoiler recipe. I wasted nine hundred Drams of Fresh Water on nothing.


    Extra info. I have Psychometry and leaned most of my recipes that way. I hadn't found a recoiler yet to learn it's schematic.
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