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Thread: Possbile gun turret bug - I don't know...

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    Question Possbile gun turret bug - I don't know...

    This was right below the town of Joppa. First time getting ruins in the water log tunnels. There was a gun turrent there that killed me.

    I can't believe it was a musket turret, that thing was firing like a machine-gun. About 5 bullets for one of my movement tiles. Maybe it is bugged, I got owned in no time at all. Perhaps there could have been another type of gun turret out side of my field of view.

    I think it might be bugged. Because of this I am also wondering if any old gun counts as a generic turret and that there are no variants of gun turrets based on the item itself.

    I just checked the death log, it said: The musket turret hits you x3 for 24 damage. I was only level 3 and had 18 life, I didn't stand a chance. (Is that a critical hit? It didn't say critical hit in the log but the first shot hit me once then the second was a x3 hit).

    I just want to say I wasn't complaining about dying just trying to figure out if the turret really was firing multiple shots. I am guessing that in the fog of war was more than one turret shooting at me. Making me think it was firing like a machine gun (maybe, I have no way of knowing for sure).

    I was playing now and I just encountered another turret and figured out what happened. If you hold in the movement key in a direction to keep moving (and you do so really quickly) it creates the illusion that the the single musket turret shots are shooting like a machine gun. I made my character sprint in the direction of the turret to take it out before it took me out, but the distance was too great and I didn't make it before dying. I only really made it like 3 or so steps but it doesn't change that this is what happened. So, false alarm. I guess this post can be deleted now.
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