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Thread: Serene/terrifying visage and gesticulating still somewhat buggy

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    Serene/terrifying visage and gesticulating still somewhat buggy

    Despite ostensibly fixed on May 26 '17, I still experience the bug wherein having Two-Headed mutation makes helmets with serene or terrifying visage sometimes occupy two pairs of head and face slots, and likewise with Multiple Arms, gesticulating gauntlets and two hands slots. However, they only occupy extra slots if those were previously empty: wearing other helmet and mask first and equipping modified helmet afterwards seems to work as intended; likewise with gauntlets. So while it freaked me out at first, it's actually fairly minor.
    I have v2.0.6642.37602 (March 9) for Linux x64.

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    Update: it's more than a nuisance, after all, when you try to equip mutated companions. I have befriended Oboroqoru, and it seems he cannot wear 3 (or even 2) pairs of ulnar stimulators if one of them is gesticulating. He equips the gesticulating pair first, and then nothing more, because it apparently fills all the glove slots. I have worked around the problem by replacing gesticulating ulnar stimulators with gesticulating elastyne gloves, which seem to have lower priority because of their 0 AV, but it's still annoying.

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