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Thread: Luminous Hoarshrooms not working

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    Luminous Hoarshrooms not working

    There seems to be a conflict between food and tonic natures of hoarshrooms (in the item form). When I eat one, I get satiation, but no described effects (neither healing nor cold resist). The problem seems to arise because <Food> and <Tonic Eat="true"> tags in the hoarshroom blueprint both activate the "eat" command, and the food eat apparently overwrites the tonic eat instead of combining. If I remove the <Food> tag the hoarshroom can be eaten to gain the tonic effect, and if I remove the Eat= attribute, it can be both applied or eaten, applying again giving the tonic effect properly. So the bug is probably in the double eat command.
    I have v2.0.6663.41062 (March 30) for Linux x64.

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    Oh and by the way, NPCs seem to be able to apply the hoarshroom just fine. My companion has eaten quite a lot of mushrooms from the chest he has been carrying, before I noticed he was "illuminated". Another evidence towards it being an interface issue.

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