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Thread: Big O'l List of Bugs

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    Big O'l List of Bugs

    I am going to be posting a lot of bugs I have come across over about the last two (maybe three or more) weeks of playing your amazing game. Some of them I might be me miss-understanding how the game mechanics work or some of them may have been already patched in an update.

    The first bug I don't have a screenshot for but it is a rather cool game exploit. I found this one just last night. If you place a liquid down it doubles up for some reason. Placing a liquid down it gets dirtied, then you pick it up you now have double the liquid you had before, just repeating dropping and picking up until you have a container with 64 or more. (Even the puddle on the ground will work). Then once done, just add a Desalination pellet to get a full container of your original liquid.

    I found this out buy using one vial of Cloning Draught on a Merchant (first time using this item), I moved him away and noticed a salty liquid one the ground once he cloned and I was curious about it, so I picked it up and then thought to try Desalination pellet on it to see if I could clean it up to get some new weird liquid but I wasn't going to use it on one or two of the liquid so picked up and dropped it repeatedly until I had 64 then added the Desalination pellet to it and ended up with 64 Cloning Draught.

    I tried using the Cloning Draught I made on the merchant again and dropped 32 on him to see what would happen but in my haste I didn't wait and ended up picking up the in-process-of-cloning liquid and got 64 of it in my container then it cloned itself inside the container and and had 64 liquid – 64 liquid (I forgot the name of it, all I remember is it said Salty at the end, sorry it was late at night, I would need to log into the game to confirm the name of it) inside the same bottle, very weird double named item.

    This is the first time mentioning this exploit and not many visit this forum, it shouldn't spread to much I think. I am not sure how to fix this exploit other than removing the liquid doubling when placed down or removing Desalination pellet effect on certain liquids. Like instead of remaking Cloning Draught it could of just made a container of Salt for example instead.

    As far as I can tell this exploit will work on any liquid, you could take 1 dram of fresh water, drop and pick, drop and pick until you have 64 of it and then clean it up and you will have turned it into 64 drams of fresh water.

    Well, I think that is it for text bugs, I will post my screenshots now with some text explaining what I think the bug is.
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    Item of liquid is too cheap.

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    Not sure if it is a bug, or it is designed to be like this but I killed a sludge slime (forgot its' name – first time ever finding a new slime type) and it splashed sewage in the area then it kept spawning sewage eels, I was a low level (like 3 ~ 6 or something) exploring where I shouldn't be (as in I could die easily there) and this pool of liquid just kept spawning these guys and they where so easy to kill and gave a ton of exp. It felt like an exploit.

    Side area below Joppa's waterlogged tunnel, either off too the side or on level 5 of the path (maybe had an extra tunnel leading down).
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    It seems odd, love hate is a thing but... I don't know seems more like a bug.

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    Talking to birds always make these weird errors in text.

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    Not major but seems odd. A lot of things you would not think could be, can be put too sleep.

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    Might of been fixed, I think this happened three weeks ago. No idea what is going on with it, maybe it you guys would know and be able to fix it just a screenshot.

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    It really, really sucks finding weeps near or surrounded by water. If you can add something to drain a large pool of liquid up that would be great (like a sponge, pill or machine/device or even special liquid container). Manually trying to remove 2k, 3k pools of liquid around them is to much work. Do they even refill? Great Weeps seem to refill but these small ones seem once off.

    In the order of loading/creating tiles maybe it could be last on the list and override what ever tiles it lands on top of.

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    Sucks when you loose out on a shrine, especially early game. Not a big deal as it adds cool fencing to zones but it is kind of sad you don't get a shrine. Also shrines sometimes get blocks/walls, baskets/tables, liquid containers spawning onto of them, witch is annoying as it looks like the object is a holy item. It is misleading.

    Also big pretty please could you add shrines when you press Alt key to show map highlights of important areas, shrines are not included on items shown up. Also add them to target/look at in auto-search. I use auto search and in jungle or maze like area and it is easy to miss them because unlike boxes that auto search opens for you too loot, you have to manually find shrines and examine them yourself. They become easy to miss.

    ^ I just held down Alt to show important areas in the game and a shrine showed up (for the fist time ever for me) so I think in this last patch you guys added it show up in areas of interest (but didn't mention it?). Thanks for doing that, now I just need too auto-look at them when doing an auto-explore and all will be well and fine.

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    Very odd recoiler bug(s) not sure if designed that way but is hella confusing.

    Step 1: Find recoiler for sale, it is called Sinap Recoiler, purchase said recoiler.
    Step 2: Lean Sinap Recoiler but instead lean a recoiler called The Sher Tile Recoiler.
    Step 3: Craft Sher Tile Recoiler, there is no Sher Tile Recoiler in the list, only ruin recoiler.
    Step 4: Craft ruin recoiler – end up with something new every time you make a ruin recoiler.
    Step 5: Keep crafting recoilers to unlock all areas in the game.

    If this is by design it doesn't come across as intuitive, rather it is very obscure and misleading.

    Another weird recoiler bug. Not seen in the image below is that the reconciler learnt from the recipe ended up different to the actual recoiler created.

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