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Thread: Big O'l List of Bugs

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    UI text overlaying from left panel into the next panel on the righ in the Tinkering crafting UI.

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    Carrying lava without bursting, bought this from a merchant, but if you pick up lava it will make it a flaming waterskin then you just transfer it into another container and it will be fine and wont ignite or burst.

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    Figurines and Trinkets not be created properly. Sometime I find a blue item I identify it as a Trinket, seems off to me and it basically worthless.

    I hardly ever find Figurines as it is in game, they seem very rare.

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    Weird book errors. I now think that 0th is actually some character or location, I didn't think of this (or know of it before posting this) so was really confused.

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    When playing with show what is in the area around you option - for some reason every time you load up your game is shows all items around you as this instead, until you move start moving. Seems like a place holder or something, nothing major just very weird.

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    Weird spaces.

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    This might be my screen issue but for setting I need to pump up contrast up 4 points (#). The room with my PC is gets no sunlight, so often when reading on websites I am using night mode, so it is basically the same in game I guess. The graphics seems white-washed, I don't know how to put it, it is screen is white/bright. I think maybe in a normal lighting setting it should be just fine. Anyway the issue I am having may only be on my side but I think you guys could look into it. (White text on yellow isn't a good design choice from a graphic design perspective).

    ^ Also I just remembered the UI has those two overlays, once with a bubble like old computer screen that darkens the edges (leading to my very dark wet and sated text) and the other is those lines across the screen. Great additions to the game by the way.

    First issue, I hope you guys can change the white text over a yellow bar as you can not clearly see the text. Maybe a green or blue experience bar would be better. Or changing it to black text but you might lose sight of it on the tiles behind it. Could do a double bar with so you can not see behind it. For example a white bar with yellow loading bar and numeral black text. The yellow exp bar could dark green or dark blue instead.

    Also I think the life bar should be on the top, having to look up and down isn't great. Having it all easy to view in one spot would be better.

    Second issue: ability to move the mini map or at least orientate it higher up.

    Third issue: Lighten up the wet and sated text, or at the very least the wet text to a lighter shade of blue. (I know it doesn't normally say wet but you guys know that).

    Forth issue: The stats bar, have the numeral values a lighter shade so they pop out at you and it isn't so flat.

    ^ I just thought you can even just change the colon ( : ) between the letters and number to being white and it would look great as a divider.

    Fifth issue: Have Temperature flash once or twice when it changes by a value of +10 or higher so you can see you are walking into a danger zone and don't suddenly burst into flames with out having a clue why. Also if it was colour coded that would be great as well, blue for cold, red/orange for hot – maybe only when in a danger zone for those temperatures.

    I could solve my issue with dark text by turning the old bubble effect off but I feel I would be doing myself a disservice by doing so.
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    Buying and selling quickly and when exciting the merchant.

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    Weird text, could be fixed up I guess.

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    No icons for the forge and anvil yet. (I hope you guys add metal smiting and alchemistry into the game).

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