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Thread: Caves of Qud - Version History

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    • We added some more detail to Qud's chefs.
      • Legendary chefs are now interested in learning your recipes during the water ritual.
      • Added mini restaurant tents to the Stiltgrounds, each with a chef. You can buy cooking ingredients, buy a cookbook, or sample one of the meals from the cookbook at the chef's oven. All Stiltground restaurant ovens also serve Hot and Spiny.
      • The restaurant signs currently use the same pepper icon as apothecaries. They'll get an updated sign soon.
    • There's now a tiny chance that any given creature is a mechanical version of itself.
    • The location of the oddly-hued glowpad is now a journal secret.
    • The looker popup box is now smarter about how much screen real estate it uses. It no longer overlaps the object you're looking at.
    • The description pane on the Tinker screen is now scrollable.
    • Cooking effects no longer grant mutations that are excluded by your current mutations.
    • The prerelease trade UI now displays item values properly adjusted by your Ego score and no longer displays way too many significant digits.
    • You can now scroll the looker popup box with '+' and '-' on the number row.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some bad behavior when you closed a conversation with escape instead of selecting the end option.
    • Fixed cybernetic fist equipment showing up with inappropriate mods and spawning as loot.
    • Fixed an issue that let you incorrectly beguile multiple creatures.
    • Inspiring presence no longer stacks multiple times.
    • Fixed some issues with temporary and non-temporary items stacking.
    • Fixed a memory leak in some items that create force fields.
    • Fixed an issue that caused an exception when you walked near a liquid volume with the 'show nearby objects' option enabled.
    • Fixed an issue that caused zones to be thawed too often when you transitioned between zones.
    • Added an unequip:<body part name> wish to force an object to unequip.

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    • Added chronology entries for the following important events in your character's life.
      • Becoming loved by a faction
      • Inventing a new recipe
      • Successfully cooking with neutron flux
      • Getting one of your limbs dismembered
      • Eating a creature's face (raw)
      • Imbuing an inanimate object with life
    • Chronology entries logged while you're on fire now read a bit differently.
    • Lurking beths appear much less frequently in early-game historic dungeons.
    • Moving very, very quickly no longer causes you to move backwards in time.
    • Creature AI now more intelligently reloads cell-based weapons.
    • Fixed an issue causing turrets to improperly use ammo.
    • Fixed an issue that caused energy cells to double-occupy sockets when creature AI reloaded cell-based weapons.
    • Level up choices are no longer trivially scummable.
    • Fixed an issue causing games to become unloadable, especially after using Precognition.
    • Fixed an error that caused games to fail to save when certain cooking effects were applied to your character.
    • Fixed an issue that caused cooking effects to still grant you mutually exclusive mutations.
    • Fixed some cases where cookbooks failed to generate correctly.
    • Fixed an issue causing effects to be improperly applied to item stacks.
    • Fixed an issue causing some ObjectCreated events to not properly trigger.
    • [modding] Mods.xml now supports modding.
    • [modding] Objects now support the customMissileOrder and customMeleeOrder tags and properties, used to define custom melee and missile sequences for the Kill goal handler.

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    • We added 15 new achievements.
      • In Contemplation of Eons
        • Perform the water ritual with Oboroqoru, Ape God.
      • Three-Sludge Monte
        • Kill a trisludge.
      • Five-Sludge Monte
        • Kill a pentasludge.
      • Ten-Sludge Monte
        • Kill a decasludge.
      • What With the Disembowelment and All
        • Find one of Argyve's old apprentices.
      • Gemini
        • Wield Caslainard and Polluxus.
      • Donation Level: Kasaphescence
        • Make an offering at the Sacred Well of an artifact worth at least 200 reputation.
      • Leap, Frog.
        • Convince a frog to teach you how to jump.
      • Six Arms None the Richer
        • Have six arms.
      • Synolymb
        • ???
      • Free Falling
        • ???
      • Hole Like a Head
        • ???
      • Cosmo-Chrononaut
        • ???
      • Psst.
        • ???
      • That Was Nice
        • ???
    • Fixed an issue causing Electric Resist to not work properly.
    • Fixed an issue causing excessive zone thawing, leading to heap crashes for long-running games.
    • Modified the 'item' wish so that you can optionally specify a number of items. For example, 'item:Staff:3'.

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    • We did a bunch of behind-the-scenes work on upcoming feature arcs. Across Qud creatures are dreaming of alternate starts, varied villages, and deerfolk...
    • We added metal and gemstone figurines.
      • Figurines depict creatures from across Qud.
      • Possible figurine materials include copper, silver, gold, agate, topaz, jasper, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and peridot.
      • Wielding figurines bestows bonus reputation for each of the depicted creature's factions.
      • Figurine value and bonus reputation depends on the rarity of its material.
    • We added legendary gemcutters. You'll find their workshops as new overland encounters.
    • Slightly increased the weight of ironweave cloak.
    • Reduced the weight of rainboweave cloak.
    • Apostles now start with the Customs and Folklore skill in addition to the Tactful power. This means apostles no longer have to purchase Customs and Folklore (which was a useful purchase since they already had Tactful) to get Trash Divining.

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    • We expanded the framework for creature travel AI and added new travel behavior to some creatures.
      • Some albino apes you encounter are now traveling toward Oboroqoru's lair.
      • Some feral dogs you encounter are now traveling toward humanoid settlements.
      • Some goatfolk you encounter are now traveling toward goatfolk villages.
    • Changed the 'Quit' option text to something much more accurate: 'Abandon Character'.
    • Changed the default action for books to Read.
    • Changed the default action for recoilers to Activate.
    • Crayons and plastic trees no longer rust.
    • Implanted NPCs now start with the proper amount of cybernetic license points.
    • Your party members no longer (easily) become hostile to one another.
    • Speaking to your own party members no longer causes you to regain your bearings.
    • Moved the 'Remove cell' option to the top of the cell dialog.
    • Fixed an issue where cybernetics sometimes became undroppable.
    • Fixed some common causes of extraneous zone generation.
    • Fixed an issue where having Iron Mind didn't always correctly give you the chance to shake off confusion.
    • Fixed some cases where a stack of objects was incorrectly replaced with a single object (eg., when you repaired a stack of scrapped waydroids).
    • Fixed some cases where quests to find historic relics didn't complete if you equipped the relics directly from the ground.
    • Fixed some rare cases where an invalid base object appeared in dynamic encounters.
    • Fixed several issues related to creatures determining the monetary value of their items, including inconsistent valuation when the items were socketed with energy cells.
    • Fixed several typos.
    • Fixed an issue where socketed cells occasionally replicated out of control when you recharged them.

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