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Thread: Caves of Qud - Version History

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    • Added and updated some sound effects.
      • open and close wooden door
      • open tech door
      • hover over UI element
      • acquire a fungal infection
    • Added procedurally-generated names for starapple farms.
    • Added procedurally-generated names for pig farms.
    • Made some gossip more interesting and specific.
    • Initiating the water ritual is no longer ever the default dialog option.
    • Sleep immunity from Sleep Gas Generation no longer applies to Narcolepsy or exhaustion from Adrenal Control.
    • Myopia is working as intended again.
    • Smart use no longer interacts with party members.
    • Fixed a typo in the option to initiate the water ritual.
    • Fixed a few grammatical errors in the chronology.
    • Removed Yempuris Phi from dynamic encounters.
    • Graphical elements like the map note indicators no longer disappear after a textbox appears over them in look mode.
    • You can no longer initiate the water ritual with clones.
    • Clones of containers are now empty.
    • Clones of items with ammos slots are now empty.
    • Fixed some blank popup messages during merchant encounters.
    • Fixed the default Journal keybinding when J is in use as a secondary keybind.

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    • Gave Golgotha a small visual makeover when tiles are enabled.
      • Added a tile for conveyor drive units.
      • Added a tile for conveyor belts.
      • Animated conveyor belt tiles.
    • Added a tile and description for the Hook for Feet defect.
    • Added a tile and description for the Beak defect.
    • 'Pour' is now the default action for water containers in your inventory rather than 'drink', making it less likely to accidentally drink from canteens full of acid.
    • Merchants no longer restock their inventories if they belong to your party.
    • Removed the double chat popups from most creatures.
    • Sultans no longer insist that cities be named after their regnal numbers (for example, 'III City').
    • You may no longer trade with your Temporal Fugue clones.
    • Items thrown by clones now immediately fade from existence in the player's dimension.
    • You can now properly read books that you donate to Sheba Hagadias.
    • Stairs should now always be properly linked between levels.
    • Cave systems, watervine patches, desert canyons, and historic sites are now more consistent when using the same world seed.
    • Made some big memory improvements.
      • Reduced baseline memory usage by about 25%.
      • Fixed several memory leaks.
      • Slightly reduced saved game file sizes.
    • Fixed some incorrect pronouns in text generation.
    • Fixed some rare infinite loops during history generation.

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    • You can interact with the world in a few new ways.
      • You can sit on chairs.
      • You can smoke from hookahs.
      • You cat light fires at campfire remains.
      • You can put out campfires.
      • You can now sleep in bedrolls.
    • Sultans now occasionally get married, cementing alliances with various factions and guilds.
    • At sultan weddings, guests occasionally give gifts to the sultan.
    • Depending on the course of a sultan's life, you now occasionally find their wedding gifts at historic sites.
    • Stopsvalinn no longer shows up in dynamic encounters.
    • Creatures (including you) now walk over non-damaging liquids, like slime, while auto-pathing.
    • Creatures (including you) now try to avoid walking through acid while auto-pathing.
    • You should now always be able to remove two-faced helmets.
    • Helmets with terrifying or serene visage and gesticulating gauntlets no longer occupy multiple heads or hands slots, respectively.
    • Improved baseline memory usage by an additional 20%.
    • Fixed some rare exceptions with history text generation.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused too many zones to remain in memory.
    • Fixed a rare exception when find an encounter from the world map.

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    *Fixed an issue causing save loads to fail

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    *Fixed an issue with sultans being too agressively matrimonial

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    *Fixed a issue causing some complex saves to fail to load

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    *Fixed an issue thawing zones

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    *Fixed another load-failure bug

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    • We tightened up the logic governing which bonuses you get from equipment that's equipped on secondary appendages, such as a second head or second pair of arms.
      • You don't get AV or DV from equipment that's equipped on a secondary appendage, but you do get other bonuses, such as +resistances or +stats. This is the same logic as before, but it works more consistently now.
      • Secondary appendages are now marked with a grey 'x' on the equipment screen in the original UI (but not yet the new UI).
      • Almost always, a secondary appendage corresponds to a second (or third, or fourth) copy of an existing appendage, denoted with '(2)' in the appendage name. The exception is if a creature with no arms, say, gets its first set of arms; those arms will be secondary.
      • Hands (2) no longer appears before Hands in the new equipment screen UI.
    • Updated the display names of animated walls, doors, and tables.
    • Added the possibility of encountering legendary animated walls, doors, or tables.
    • Gave legendary animated furniture appropriate proper names based on whether they're walls, doors, or tables.
    • Newly sentient beings, such as animated walls, doors, and tables, can now remind you what it's like to be a child when you share water with them.
    • Found and fixed a major contributor to late-game memory issues.
    • If you somehow end up as a merchant, your inventory no longer restocks with merchant wares, obliterating the items in your existing inventory as a side effect.
    • Removed the mod tier from the display names of flaming, freezing, and electrified mods.
    • Clarified that flaming, freezing, and electrifying effects happen on hit, not penetration.
    • We fixed some issues with melee combat.
      • Charge now properly applies its penetration bonus.
      • Horns now uses its mutation level to determine its to-hit bonus instead of your Agility modifier.
      • When you have Helping Hands equipped and you attack with empty robo-fists, they use Helping Hands' flat Strength score of 23 instead of your own strength score.
      • Fixed an issue where sprinting didn't properly apply melee to-hit penalties.
      • Removed the vestigial HitDice property from melee weapons.
    • Fixed some issues causing flickering between fullscreen and windowed mode when the in-game options and the launcher options didn't match.
    • We made some additional changes to melee combat balance in a beta branch on Steam. If you'd like to help us test these changes, right-click on Caves of Qud in Steam, select Properties, click the Betas tab, and switch to the 'beta' branch. (Thanks!) The changes are listed below.
      • Some penetration bonuses on weapons were bugged, such as the +1 and +2 bonuses axes and cudgels got, respectively. We fixed these bugs, but we removed the axe and cudgel bonuses since they're part of an older design. Instead, we replaced them with different critical hit behavior for each weapon class.
      • Cudgels now get +1 penetration and daze on critical hits.
      • Axes now get +1 penetration and cleave on critical hits.
      • Long blades now get +3 penetration on critical hits.
      • Daggers now get +1 penetration and cause bleeding on critical hits.
      • We tweaked all melee weapon stats to account for these changes.
      • The sharp melee mod works again.
      • Gaslight kris and gaslight flyssa work properly again.

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    • Made some more combat tweaks on the beta branch.
      • Since we're posting updates to the beta branch mid week, you can now switch to 'beta-old' to play the previous version posted on the beta branch. This way, you won't lose access to those characters.
      • Adjusted the first few tiers of axe damage down.
      • Axe: The Cleave penalty is now capped at half your strength mod, rounded up.
      • Short blade: Shank's cooldown is now 10 rounds if you shank from your primary hand. It's still 20 otherwise.
      • Short Blade Proficiency now grants +1 to hit and you make primary-hand short blade attacks as if your quickness were 25% higher.
      • Long Blade: Reduced Improved Aggressive Stance's to-hit penality to -3 from -4.
      • Two-handed weapons now grant a flat +1 penetration bonus instead of having a higher strength mod cap. Their damage was also shifted up a tier.
      • Glowfish can effectively bite now.

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