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Thread: Caves of Qud - Version History

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    • Added and updated some sound effects.
      • open and close wooden door
      • open tech door
      • hover over UI element
      • acquire a fungal infection
    • Added procedurally-generated names for starapple farms.
    • Added procedurally-generated names for pig farms.
    • Made some gossip more interesting and specific.
    • Initiating the water ritual is no longer ever the default dialog option.
    • Sleep immunity from Sleep Gas Generation no longer applies to Narcolepsy or exhaustion from Adrenal Control.
    • Myopia is working as intended again.
    • Smart use no longer interacts with party members.
    • Fixed a typo in the option to initiate the water ritual.
    • Fixed a few grammatical errors in the chronology.
    • Removed Yempuris Phi from dynamic encounters.
    • Graphical elements like the map note indicators no longer disappear after a textbox appears over them in look mode.
    • You can no longer initiate the water ritual with clones.
    • Clones of containers are now empty.
    • Clones of items with ammos slots are now empty.
    • Fixed some blank popup messages during merchant encounters.
    • Fixed the default Journal keybinding when J is in use as a secondary keybind.

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    • Gave Golgotha a small visual makeover when tiles are enabled.
      • Added a tile for conveyor drive units.
      • Added a tile for conveyor belts.
      • Animated conveyor belt tiles.
    • Added a tile and description for the Hook for Feet defect.
    • Added a tile and description for the Beak defect.
    • 'Pour' is now the default action for water containers in your inventory rather than 'drink', making it less likely to accidentally drink from canteens full of acid.
    • Merchants no longer restock their inventories if they belong to your party.
    • Removed the double chat popups from most creatures.
    • Sultans no longer insist that cities be named after their regnal numbers (for example, 'III City').
    • You may no longer trade with your Temporal Fugue clones.
    • Items thrown by clones now immediately fade from existence in the player's dimension.
    • You can now properly read books that you donate to Sheba Hagadias.
    • Stairs should now always be properly linked between levels.
    • Cave systems, watervine patches, desert canyons, and historic sites are now more consistent when using the same world seed.
    • Made some big memory improvements.
      • Reduced baseline memory usage by about 25%.
      • Fixed several memory leaks.
      • Slightly reduced saved game file sizes.
    • Fixed some incorrect pronouns in text generation.
    • Fixed some rare infinite loops during history generation.

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