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Thread: Caves of Qud - Version History

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    • Unseen creatures are now more active on the map. This means more dynamic behavior: creatures will often fight and kill each other before you find them.
    • Added a new artifact: spiral borer.
    • Added a new type of artifact: recoilers bound to one of the procedurally generated ruins or historic sites.
    • A bug introduced around the time of the water ritual update caused Oboroqoru's lair to fail to generate. We fixed the bug. The ape god is a myth no longer.
    • Added a new type of relic curio (for use when you are very angry at a faction).
    • Added a new effect for jewel-based historic weapons.
    • Added a new effect for glass-based historic armors and shields.
    • Rewrote the base item descriptions for historic relics from the fifth period sultanate. They now better convey what life was like for this late generation of Eaters.
    • Might-based historic relics now appropriately grant bonus strength.

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    *Fixed an uncommon issue loading saved games

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    • Added a new sultan domain: Travel.
    • Updated the history generator to incorporate travel-minded sultans.
    • Added new effects for travel-based historic relics.
    • Added new sultan professions: explorer and nomad.
    • You can no longer wear a glowsphere on your body. How did that even work? Did you just jump inside the glowsphere? We don't know.
    • Photosynthetic Skin now correctly gives you bonus reputation with trees, vines, and roots, in addition to the Consortium of Phyta.
    • Photosynthetic Skin now correctly gives you 200 bonus reputation with the Consortium of Phyta instead of 300.
    • You can no longer tinker ruin recoilers.
    • Rewrote the base item descriptions for historic relics from the late-fourth period sultanate. They now better convey what life was like for this mid-to-late generation of Eaters.
    • Fixed an issue with sultan histories not being deterministic for a given world seed.
    • Reduced saved game size and improved compatibility between versions.
    • Fixed an uncommon issue when loading saved games.
    • [modding] The 'sticky' and 'stuck' effects are now public instead of internal.
    • [modding] Added support for CarryBonusPercent and CarryBonusFlat game object int properties.

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    • We added our first batch of achievements, 30 in total. Expect many more as development continues.
      • The Laws of Physics Are Mere Suggestions, Vol. 1
        • Violate the Pauli exclusion principle.
      • Eat an Entire Bear
        • Kill a bear and eat it. Just eat an entire bear.
      • To Thine Own Self Be True
        • Wear your own severed face on your face.
      • Friend to Fungi
        • Host three different fungal infections at once.
      • Goat Simulator
        • Project your mind into a goat's body.
      • The Spirit of Vengeance
        • Recover the Ruin of House Isner.
      • Knight Conical
        • Recover Stopsvalinn.
      • Love at First Sign
        • Fall in love with a sign.
      • Pyramid Scheme
        • Kill a chrome pyramid.
      • Dark Tidings
        • Foresee your own death.
      • Love Thyself
        • Fall in love with yourself.
      • A Bond Knit with Trust
        • Become loved by a faction.
      • The Woe of Joppa
        • Become hated by the villagers of Joppa.
      • Peekaboo
        • Become loved by newly sentient beings.
      • Jawsnapper
        • Kill 100 snapjaws.
      • Starry Demise
        • Be crushed under the weight of a thousand suns.
      • Quiet This Metal
        • Speak to the alchemist.
      • Your Thirst Is Mine, My Water Is Yours
        • Perform the introductory water ritual 100 times.
      • Proteus
        • Have 10 mutations.
      • Welcome to Qud
        • ???
      • On the Rocks
        • ???
      • Your Better Half
        • ???
      • You Are Becoming
        • ???
      • You Became
        • ???
      • Say No More
        • ???
      • Metal Pedal
        • ???
      • You Are What You Eat
        • ???
      • Shoot.
        • ???
      • Litteratus
        • ???
      • So Powerful is the Charm of Words
        • ???
      • If you helped us test the achievements, you can wish for "clearach!!!" to clear your achievement progress.
    • You can fall in love with signs again.
    • Moved userprefs.json from the game data directory to the save directory.

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    • Added a new fungal infection: mumble mouth.
      • "The mouths on your skin begin to mumble coherently, revealing the wisdom of a trillion microbes."
    • Added a new type of fungus puffer: brooding jadepuff.
    • Brooding jadepuffs now appear in fungal biomes and the Rainbow Wood.
    • Added a new type of book: advertisement flyers for legendary merchants.
    • Mayor Nuntu now starts with an advertisement flyer for a random legendary merchant.
    • The locations of legendary merchants are now properly included among the possibilities for secrets shared during the water ritual.
    • Added a new tile for starapple trees.
    • Historic relics that bestow Clairvoyance now work properly.
    • Fixed a zone build crash that occasionally occurred during the Raising Indrix quest.
    • Added much more behind-the-scenes support for the upcoming cooking system. Soon, soon...

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    • We added seven new achievements.
      • Mutagenic Mastery
        • Advance a mutation to level 15.
      • Biographer
        • Learn the complete history of a single sultan.
      • Cubic and Wisest Human
        • Activate a time cube.
      • Go on. Do it.
        • Wield the amaranthine prism.
      • Tongue in Cheek
        • ???
      • Footloose
        • ???
      • Oathbreaker
        • ???
    • Fixed a bug that caused merchant advertisements to occasionally be blank.

    Also, check out this announcement about our November patch schedule.

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    • Added an Active Effects screen for viewing the details of your active status effects or the effects of other creatures or objects.
      • Renamed 'Status' screen to the more appropriate 'Character Sheet'.
      • To access your active effects, either navigate to 'active effects' on your Character Sheet, or bind the 'Open Active Effects' command in the Keybindings menu.
      • To access the active effects of another creature or object, hit 'e' while looking at it.
      • Added descriptions for all 100+ status effects.
      • Changed the name of the 'spectacles' effect to 'corrected vision'.
      • Changed the name of the poison gas effect to 'poisoned by gas'.
      • Changed the name of the stun gas effect to 'stunned by gas'.
    • We made some changes to the turn costs of managing your inventory.
      • Equipping an item in your thrown slot no longer costs a turn.
      • Automatically unequipping an item when you equip another item no longer costs an extra turn.
      • Splitting a stack of items into multiple stacks no longer costs a turn.
    • Removed snailmothers from the list of possible fungal infection cure ingredients.
    • Added an entry for Mumble Mouth to the Corpus Choliys.
    • Installed cybernetic implants that occupy an equipment slot no longer add to your encumbrance.
    • Molting basilisks now properly inject a stony poison when they bite.
    • The full message log viewer now uses the much better book UI.
    • Energy cells can now be recharged directly from the cell's action menu.
    • Baetyls no longer ask for objects you can't pick up.
    • When you uninstall the optical bioscanner, optical technoscanner, or huge hands implants, you no longer retain their effects.
    • You no longer attack yourself when you try to sleep in a bedroll that's in the same space as you are.
    • Fixed a bug that caused slender and willowy nylon backpacks not to have their weights reduced.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the player to gain reputation when an NPC equipped an item with a reputation-granting item mod.
    • Fixed autoexplore attempting to pick up objects embedded in walls.
    • Fixed an issue that caused various bonuses to be improperly applied twice during character creation when replaying your last character. These improper characters would also generate invalid character codes.
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain subtype attributes, like increased heat resistance, to not be applied to characters created via the build library.
    • Fixed an issue causing outdated true kin character codes to crash the game.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a clone of Otho to be created when it shouldn't have been.
    • Fixed an issue with achievements that prevented books from being read.
    • NPCs with multiple cybernetic implants installed now only have their names modified with the 'implanted' adjective once.
    • Fixed an issue that caused all merchants to improperly be able to recharge cells, instead of only those with the ability to.
    • Fixed a rare exception that occurred when objects with energy cell sockets were generated.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused a 'too many heap sections' error while building jungle maps.
    • Fixed an issue causing zones to stay active in memory longer than intended.
    • Fixed an issue causing ocassional heap allocation errors during game saves.
    • Rusted Archway no longer incorrectly fills a full 3x3 world map title.
    • Lowered the amount of memory that must be in use before an out-of-memory warning is displayed.
    • [modding] Made the 'Dormant' class public.
    • [modding] Fixed an issue where .RPM files that weren't mods to existing RPM files would fail to load.

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    *Fixed an issue where the player would always regain their bearings

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    • We're putting the cooking patch up on the beta branch. If you'd like to help us test it, right-click on Caves of Qud in Steam, select Properties, click the Betas tab, and switch to the 'beta' branch. Please leave your feedback here!

      If you'd rather wait for the full patch release, we understand. It's coming with more recipes, more ingredients, more polish, and more of the kinks ironed out, in a couple weeks.

    • Hunger has completely changed.
      • After a day without eating, you become hungry (no penalty). After another day without eating, you become famished (-10 Quickness).
      • The primary way to sate hunger now is to cook at a campfire. You can interact with campfires with the use key.
      • As long as you aren't in combat, you can make camp (see your abilities screen). This starts a campfire.
      • As long as you aren't in combat, you can whip up a basic meal at a campfire. This costs no resources and sates your hunger, even if you're famished.
      • Occasionally, the meal you whip up is especially tasty and grants you a small bonus for the rest of the day.
      • If you have special ingredients in your inventory, you'll occasionally use them when whipping up a meal. They grant dynamically-generated effects.
      • You can eat up to three times before you are too full to eat, but only the first meal has the chance to be tasty. This three-meal cap is relevant for the Cooking and Gathering skill, described below.
      • You can still eat food out of your inventory to supplement campfire cooking.
        • Most foods are now snacks, which sate a few hours of hunger.
        • Corpses count as full meals, but you can no longer bring yourself to eat them unless you're famished.
        • If you eat corpses or raw meat, your hunger is sated, but you become ill for 12 hours.
        • We removed auto-eat.
        • Fresh food spoilage is coming soon.
      • Hunger status is ignored while traveling on the world map, as we assume you're cooking meals along the way.
      • However, if you travel more than one world map tile, you'll be hungry when you come back down to a local map.
      • We adjusted food quantities throughout the world to account for the new hunger system.
    • We added Cooking and Gathering, a skill that lets you do more sophisticated cooking.
      • If you have Cooking and Gathering, you get three new options in the campfire menu: cook with ingredients, cook from a recipe, and preserve fresh foods. We'll list the details in the patch notes when we launch the full patch. Until then, if you're interested, go try them out!
      • You can learn cooking from the Kyakukyans.
      • Cooking a meal with ingredients bestows a dynamically-generated effect for the rest of the day.
      • Cooking a meal from a recipe bestows a particular effect.
      • We added a whole bunch of cooking ingredients. In general, you create them by harvesting and butchering food, then preserving it at a campfire.
      • We added a kipper tent to the southeast corner of the Stiltgrounds. He sells some preserved cooking ingredients. We'll likely change his inventory before the full patch is released.
      • You can share recipes during the water ritual.
      • Share water with Mehmet or Elder Irudad to learn Joppa's favorite dish, apple matz.
      • We simplified Harvestry and Butchery. They're now each a single power under the Cooking and Gathering tree.
        • Harvest Plants is now a toggleable passive power like Butcher Corpses.
        • Plants, meat, and organs you harvest and butcher can now be preserved at campfires and turned into cooking ingredients.
        • We adjusted all the harvestable and butcherable item frequencies to account for these changes.
        • Ripe plants now appear as a different color than their non-ripe counterparts.
        • We added some new harvestable and butcherable items.
      • We tweaked the caste and subtype starting skills to account for new cooking, harvestry, and butchery.
    • Energy cells of the same charge level now stack in your inventory.
    • Fixed a bug with bleeding resist.

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