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Thread: Caves of Qud - Version History

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    Out in the middle.
    • Added a new music track for Golgotha.
    • We incorporated the combat changes from the beta branch into this week's main-branch patch. Here's a summary of all the changes.
      • Some penetration bonuses on weapons were bugged, such as the +1 and +2 bonuses axes and cudgels got, respectively. We fixed these bugs, but we removed the axe and cudgel bonuses since they're part of an older design. Instead, we replaced them with different critical hit behavior for each weapon class.
        • Cudgels now get +1 penetration and daze on critical hits.
        • Axes now get +1 penetration and cleave on critical hits.
        • Long blades now get +3 penetration on critical hits.
        • Daggers now get +1 penetration and cause bleeding on critical hits.
      • We tweaked all melee weapon stats to account for these changes.
      • Two-handed weapons now grant a flat +1 penetration bonus instead of having a higher strength mod cap. Their damage was also shifted up a tier.
      • The sharp melee mod works again.
      • Gaslight kris and gaslight flyssa work properly again.
      • We also tweaked some of the melee weapon skills.
        • Axe: The Cleave penalty is now capped at half your strength mod, rounded up.
        • Short blade: Shank's cooldown is now 10 rounds if you shank from your primary hand. It's still 20 otherwise.
        • Short Blade Proficiency now grants +1 to hit and you make primary-hand short blade attacks as if your quickness were 25% higher. This means you make five attacks for every four that your normal-speed opponents make. These faster primary-hand attacks can trigger offhand attacks.
        • Long Blade: Reduced Improved Aggressive Stance's to-hit penality from -4 to -3.
    • New weapon mod: masterwork. Masterwork weapons score critical hits twice as often.
    • Added a new tile and flame animation for great magma crabs.
    • Glowfish can effectively bite now.
    • Chitinous puma can once again equip their natural claws.
    • If you use psychometry while confused, identified artifacts are no longer named things like 'Uhummwuhwah'.
    • While on the world map, you can now 'l'ook at the tile you're standing on.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the critical hit target to change from 20 when you were charging.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the critical hit target to sometimes change when using a missile weapon.
    • Fixed some cases where NPCs' strength modifiers were used to determine the difficulty of dodging their projectiles.
    • Fixed an issue where creature AI wouldn't get mad at you when you used a combat power and missed with it.
    • Fixed the journal getting unbound when you reset to default keybindings.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the system menu to pop up when you escaped the inventory screen in the new UI.
    • Fixed some cases where abilities allowed you to attack phased creatures.
    • [modding] Changed the event parameter names for PerformMeleeAttack to "Attacker" and "Defender".
    • [modding] Refactored the 'PenHitBonus' parameter in Combat events to use the 'PenCapBonus' and 'HitBonus' parameters instead.
    • [modding] Moved the chance to trigger Jab (the Short Blade power) into an attacker based event.
    • [modding] The AttackerGetWeaponPenModifier event now allows modification of the attack's PenBonus and CapBonus.
    • [modding] Refactored melee combat so that the chance to perform an offhand attack with robo-hands or the Multiple Arms mutation resides in the AttackerQueryWeaponSecondaryAttackChanceMultiplier event, allowing for similar behavior via mods.

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    *Fixed an issue with attacks failing when a character had multiple arms

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    *Fixed an issue prevening melee attacks while stuck

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    • Added new tiles for the following creatures and items.
      • elastyne skin suit
      • elastyne skull cap
      • starapple
      • apple farmer's daughter
    • Added a chronology entry for falling in love.
    • Shields can no longer be wooly.
    • Light sources no longer give off light while equipped in the thrown weapon slot.
    • Spring-loaded shoes now work properly when you mod them via tinkering.
    • Villagers of Joppa are now properly interested in secrets about all salt marsh locations.
    • Ironshank now has a maximum movespeed penalty of 80.
    • Added some new descriptions.
      • great saltback
      • great saltback corpse
      • honey skunk
      • great magma crab
    • Added some new functionality to the new inventory UI.
      • Added item weight to inventory item lines and category tabs.
      • Added an indicator for current weight and total carry capacity.
      • Scroll positions now properly stick after manipulating an item.
      • Ctrl+D now drops the currently selected inventory item.
      • Ctrl+A now eats the currently selected inventory item.
      • Ctrl+R now drinks the currently selected inventory item.
      • Ctrl+P now applies the currently selected inventory item.
      • Fixed the thrown weapon slot not being equippable by clicking.
      • Added an icon for meds.
      • Changed the icon for tools.
    • [coming soon]If you drink deeply of the psychic well, beware what may find you at the bottom...

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    • We made some tweaks and additions to tonics.
      • Added a new tonic: love tonic.
      • Currently, overdosing on a love tonic causes you to erupt into flames. This may change soon.
      • Added platinum as an unidentified tonic color.
      • You can now stab people with injectors during melee combat. You must penetrate their armor to successfully inject.
    • Chronology entries logged while you're in love are now much sappier.
    • Added a chronology entry for losing the lovesick status effect.
    • Autoexplore now ignores freshwater if you don't have room to carry it.
    • Natural missile weapons now require ammo once they're dismembered.
    • If you go to the worldmap and immediately return to a noted location in the same worldmap tile, you now properly appear in that location.
    • Fixed some severe memory usage issues during long-running games with thousands of items (mostly ammo stacks).
    • Fixed Temporal Fugue lag issues in long-running games when there are thousands of items in your inventory (mostly ammo stacks).
    • Fixed an issue when you canceled out of the pour dialog where you were still asked how many drams to pour.
    • Fixed an issue preventing you from escaping out of string-entry dialogs (for example, entering the amount you want to pour out of a container).
    • Fixed an issue causing buggy behavior in the new UI after certain direction selection dialogs.
    • Fixed an issue where some screens didn't display controls if the new UI was enabled but the new inventory UI wasn't enabled.
    • Fixed some bad interactions between zoom and panning popups in the old UI.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented you from clicking on items in the nearby items list.

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    • Two-point mutations are now included in the mutation choices when you buy a mutation or when your genome destabilizes.
    • If an immobile creature gains flying, it can now move.
    • If an aquatic creature gains flying, it can now move over land.
    • Added new liquid weeps that produce much smaller puddles.
    • The smaller weeps now inhabit fungal biomes instead of their larger cousins. The original weeps still inhabit the Rainbow Wood.
    • Renamed the original weeps from "__ weep" to "giant __ weep" (for example: "giant acid weep").
    • When you discover a weep in a fungal biome, you now log it as a secret in your journal.
    • Added an overlay UI option to prevent full screen effects like scanlines from applying to the UI elements.
    • Chests now render on top of corpses.
    • Domination's cooldown timer now doesn't start counting until domination is broken.
    • Fixed "SultanCult[n]" faction names appearing in the backstory descriptions of legendary creatures.
    • Fixed some autoexplore issues where you'd repeatedly try to access objects that you don't own.
    • Fixed a rare issue with mushroom growth.
    • You can no longer trade temporally unstable objects.
    • Added some architecture and design for longer-term feature arcs: [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted].
    • Mid-week patch notes:
      • You no longer fall in love with every sign you read.

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    • Espers are now being watched.
      • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • New item mod that shows up in very particular circumstances: extradimensional.
      • [redacted]
        • [redacted]
        • [redacted]
        • [redacted]
        • You can choose to watch the psyches of your enemies radiate into nothingness.
        • [redacted]
        • [redacted]
        • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • [redacted]
      • New food item: humble pie. Why be full of yourself when you can just be full?
    • Get-item dialogs now display your total weight.
    • Fixed some issues while displaying some non-standard ASCII characters in the new UI.
    • Circuitry-obsessed sultans now wire things to other things instead of just wiring things to themselves.
    • Fixed an occasional exception in combat.

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    • Extradimensional items now have a very small chance to appear anywhere.
    • Changed faction encounters with the Seekers of the Sightless Way. Instead of traveling in mind-melting esper packs, legendary seekers now travel with various kinds of psychic thralls.
    • Added new book: Disquisition on the Malady of the Mimic.
    • Added a new note on a sheet of paper, lost to its owner, gathering dust somewhere in Qud.
    • You can now properly learn mental mutations during certain water ritual encounters if you're an esper.
    • You can no longer learn mental mutations during water ritual encounters if you're a chimera.
    • You can no longer equip a light torch from the ground into your thrown weapon slot and have it remain lit.
    • Tinkering directly from a data disk now properly uses any required ingredients
    • Staircases and pathways between maps are now more common in cave systems.
    • Changed the value of the bloodstained goatskin parchment sheaf and excluded it from dynamic encounters.
    • Fixed some issues caused by gaining a new mutation that had already been granted to you by a relic.
    • Bookshelves will now be auto-looted during auto-explore.
    • Added a new user option to enable or disable auto-loot of bookshelves.
    • [modding] Added a new part, HasThralls, that can be added to a creature to give them psychic thralls of around their level.
    • [modding] Added a new part, UniqueWithAlternative. An object with this part only spawns once. If it would spawn again, instead another object spawns in its place. You can define the alternative object in the part property named "Alternative".
    • [modding] Added a new JukedObject and WasJuked events, which are fired on the juker and the jukee when juke is used to swap with combat objects.
    • [modding] Added a new ChargedTarget and WasCharged events, which are fired on the charger and the target

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